“So what are your plans for tonight?”

“He’s gentle, and he’s passive, and he’s perfect for a strong woman like you because he gives you the freedom to go out and do the things in life that you want to do.”

As Kate grows more and more comfortable in the extramarital affair that she’s been entertaining with one of the doctors from her hospital, she finds herself surprisingly intrigued when he urges her to embrace her dominant side and eventually leads her to have her husband locked up in a stainless steel chastity belt while they indulge in their passions out on the town. Spying the perfect opportunity to turn her on to some of his own personal fantasies, Marcus stokes the fires with intricate jabs at her husband’s fetishes as he introduces her to the art of cuckolding in this erotic preview that only scratches the surface of the intimate relations that the two will share together at her submissive husband’s expense…


“There’s a gift bag in the closet. Can you grab it for me? I’m running late and he’s going to be here any minute, so I don’t want to keep him waiting…”

Stepping into their walk-in closet, Andrew took a moment to scan the shelves until he finally noticed a glossy bag with white and black letters leaning up against the wall by his feet. Carrying it back out to the bed, he removed a fancy box with the same letters – appearing to be a French word that he couldn’t pronounce – on the lid.

“Thank-you!” his wife replied curtly as she took the box from his hands and opened it out on the bed to reveal a strikingly seductive set of black lingerie, which instantly reminded Andrew where he had seen the French word before because it was the name of a very high-end boutique in the mall that the couple never visited because they couldn’t afford to shop there.

“Where’d you get those???” he asked curiously as he watched his wife marvel over the silky smooth garments within as she anxiously sorted through the carefully wrapped box.

“Oh, they were a gift…” Kate sang nonchalantly as she laid each item out on their bed with the utmost of care, first pairing the luxurious silk stockings together, then the garter belt, and finally the matching bra and panties that immediately caught Andrew’s attention as they almost seemed to have a shimmer of leather in them.

Andrew took a deep breath as he bit his lip looking down at the sexy lingerie, then asked as he felt his heart rate increase, “…are they from that doctor friend of yours?”

Kate smiled warmly as she looked up at him.

“Yes, Marcus … err, Dr. Powers bought them for me…” she explained with a smile as she bit her lip, then dropped her towel to the floor and picked up the garter belt to situate it around her hips.

“If you’d like to watch me put them on, you can sit there in my chair at the vanity…” she suggested, again without looking up, as she focused on closing the tiny hasp of the belt behind her back, taking note herself of the sexy patches of smooth, black leather that were built into the lacy garment. Andrew’s eyes randomly dropped to the floor as he heard his wife’s comments, and then without further reaction, he simply stood up from the corner of the bed and walked over to the vanity where the glosses and shades that she had been putting on her lips and face were still laid out from moments ago. He looked away to clear a small lump that had been growing in his throat, then turned the chair back in the direction of his wife to watch her get dressed…

"Why am I getting so wet thinking about humiliating my husband like this?!" - Her New Cuckold ... Locked
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