Roleplaying at Home: Her Sex Shoes

“What is it that turns you on about my shoes???”

“These would look great over a pair of fishnets, with maybe a really short skirt.”

“I’m sure polishing these would keep a good submissive plenty busy while his mistress tended to other affairs underneath her skirt…”

“Of course, if he’s a bad submissive, he may only be allowed to lick the very bottoms of her boots after she’s worn them out for a day of shopping with her girlfriends!”

Their roleplaying continues as Erika toys with her husband’s fascination with feminine footwear during an impromptu shopping trip in search of a very special pair of high heels for her to wear during their playtime together.

Shiny and sexy stilettos or menacing leather boots, Nick finds himself in a submissive daze as he treats his wife’s feet at every store … but little does he know her true intentions for her new shoes when it’s time to head back home for the real kinky fun to begin!

This story is book #2 of the 5-part Roleplaying at Home series of femdom and cuckolding adventures.


“These aren’t for you.”

His eyes darting back down to the toes of her shiny heels in front of him, Nick felt a newfound anxiety course through him as he delicately opened his lips and leaned forward to kiss the bottoms of the sexy shoes that adorned his naughty wife’s decadent feet. It didn’t take long for Erika to drift back into her own headspace, and before long the couple was each lost in their own little worlds, with Nick on his knees licking his wife’s high heels and Erika on her back fantasizing once more about William with her dress hiked around her waist as her fingers slipped eagerly underneath the band of her thong underwear…

“Oooooh, baby…”

“I’ve missed that touch so much…”

“I need you inside of me…”

“I don’t care if he does watch – as long as he keeps my shoes all shiny and new!”

Nick struggled to follow his wife’s feet as she swayed back and forth with little disregard for his wellbeing beneath her, though little did he know that her mental image of him suckling on her red stilettos was proving to create quite the backdrop as she also pictured her lover on top of her while her fingertips made quick work of her sex that had been simmering all afternoon.

“Worship those heels, cuckold – that’s where you BELONG!!!” Erika suddenly shouted at her husband more aggressively as her fingers pulled furiously against her thong while the man from her past fucked her with a new passion in her own marriage bed.

"There's nothing more domineering about a woman's shoes than being ordered to lick them..."
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