Roleplaying at Home: Forbidden Fruit

“I think I’m ready to take this a step farther…”

Erika stared down at her husband for a long while, focusing in on his chastity cage before nudging it gently with the toe of her new shoe and giggling as the lock swayed to and fro in its simple response.

“Do you like the new dress that you bought me today?” she asked of her husband alluringly, twirling her body just so in front of him to allow him to visually inspect her every curve that was made all the more apparent by the tight fitting, little black dress.

“I hope it’s not too short,” she emphasized as she leaned into a chair nearby to give her man a solid view of the tiny, black lace thong that just barely covered her underneath.

“I wouldn’t want to show the boys at the club too much,” she teased as she stood back up and pulled her dress down to just barely cover her from behind, “or would I???”

Both curious and eager to take their cuckolding game to the next step, Erika informs her submissive husband of her desires for a night out of dancing … alone. After a sexy shopping trip on his dime to put her in the mood for a little naughty fun, the married wife finds her sense of domination kicked into overdrive as she embraces her new fantasy role like never before, leaving her hubby cradling her favorite boots on the floor as she walks out the door to seek the attentions of another.

As the sensations of strange hands only seem to fuel her unexpected arousal for adultery, her husband waits anxiously at home for her report and to see just exactly where the fantasy that he confided in her only months earlier is going to go next…

This story is book #4 of the 5-part Roleplaying at Home series of femdom and cuckolding adventures.


Staring her submissive husband up and down, Erika murmured to herself, “It certainly suits you…” before then commanding him, “Now put your lips on my new shoes and I’ll tell you all about the new friend that I met tonight!”

Shivering with anticipation as he leaned over to obediently bring his lips to the spiked heels that he’d been unyieldingly fantasizing about all evening while his wife had been away, Erika enjoyed the view and gave him a few moments to get settled into his role beneath her before she began to recreate her sensuous tale, glowing with pride as the dominant cuckoldress that she was on the verge of becoming…

“His name is Jackson,” she began alluringly as she wiggled her toes underneath her husband’s passionate lips. “…and he’s just as strong and attractive as you would imagine. He’s a young, black stud of a real estate investor who seems to have a particular interest in married women, so I quickly learned!” Erika said with a giggle.

“One of the first things that he noticed about me when he offered to buy me a drink was my wedding ring, but it didn’t seem to drive him off in the least.”

“In fact, when I told him that you were in fact well aware of what I was up to tonight, it only seemed to arouse his interest all the more, and before I knew it we went from his hand inching its way up my thigh at the bar to him holding me closely out on the dance floor!”

Nickolas struggled to keep his eyes focused on the sexy shoes in front of him – a task that grew increasingly harder as the intensity of his wife’s story quite rapidly began to escalate…

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