“If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll lead you around the party on a leash and you can show all of my friends what a good slave boy you are for me…”

“So … do you remember that fantasy you told me about last year? The one about you watching me be with another man? That’s what I based your costume on…”

“…and tonight I want to do it.”

It takes a special kind of persuasion to convince her boyfriend to go to her friend’s sexy Halloween party, but it turns out that Jen has a lot more than just fetish fashion on her mind when Jim finds himself at the end of her leash as she dresses in leather and high heels to fulfill a fantasy that they’ve both had for quite some time. Parading him around the party bound and helpless is only the beginning when she explains to her friends that they didn’t come dressed as mistress and submissive.

They came as mistress and cuckold, and she intends to bring their kinky role playing to life before the night is through!


Turning her attention to the girl’s boyfriend in tow after also gawking over Jen’s incredible heels, Jessie then examined the effort that had gone into selecting Jim’s toys – highlighted by the leather hood that kept him silence while the crowd looked him over – eventually reaching out to pat him on the head as she turned back to Jen and commented with a grin, “He does make a good submissive, doesn’t he!”

The comment made Jen tighten her grip on the leash ever so slightly as she chuckled before correcting her good friend, “He’s actually not a submissive … he’s my cuckold.”

Jim’s ears perked up at the word as he looked over, but could only make out his girlfriend’s red lips through the pinholes in his mask.

“Even better!”he heard the host quip back with a sense of amusement in her voice. “A mistress and her cuckold – I like it.”

“Well I’m sure dressed like that, you should have no troubles finding yourself another man to play with tonight!” the sexy nurse added with a laugh. “So you just let me know if you need me to watch him for a while…”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Jen sneered in character as she glanced back at her husband sadistically, “but this cuckold likes to watch, so your offer may not be necessary…”

“Oh, you’re so naughty. You look great – you guys have fun!” Jessie told them before wandering back into the crowd to continue mingling with the rest of her guests.

"You're not the only one I want to see between these thighs before the night is through!"
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