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An Ode to Subspace

4 hours ago

The heels seemed to both beg to be worshipped and also demand his obedience at the same time…

Cover Preview for Gagged Girl (by KinkyWriter)
Sneak Peeks

Gagged Girl

3 months ago

Laurel was a serious gag addict. You name it – she’d moaned orgasmically into it, likely on more than a handful of occasions!

Cover Preview for Borrowed in Bondage (by KinkyWriter)
Sneak Peeks

Borrowed in Bondage

8 months ago

If Allison had left the keys to this for me, you might be the one inside of me here in a minute…

Cover Preview for Cuckold at Sea (by KinkyWriter)
Sneak Peeks

Chastity at Sea

9 months ago

Dan was impressed at how far his wife was coming along with embracing his humiliation in their cuckolding game…

Cover Preview for Pleasure Suit Fantasy (by KinkyWriter)
Sneak Peeks

Pleasure Suit Fantasy

11 months ago

“Have you ever worn anything like this???”

Cover Preview for FemDom Perspectives, vol. 3 by KinkyWriter)
Sneak Peeks

FemDom Perspectives, vol. 3

11 months ago

I didn’t know what this feeling was, but I had to have it in my life.

Cover Preview for Stress and Self-Bondage, Part 1 (by KinkyWriter)
Sneak Peeks

Stress and Self-Bondage, Part 1

12 months ago

Are you ready to begin the E-Stim Stress Management Program?

Cover Preview for Summer Beach FemDom Fun! (by KinkyWriter)
Sneak Peeks

Summer Beach FemDom Fun!

1 year ago

“You should be grateful that I’m allowing you this honor, slave…”

Cover Preview for She Taunts (by KinkyWriter)
Sneak Peeks

She Taunts

2 years ago

Real men don’t tremble as they kneel before women like me…

Cover Preview for Rubber Boy and the Traveling Cuckoldress (KinkyWriter)
Sneak Peeks

Rubber Boy and the Traveling Cuckoldress

2 years ago

…his bondage held him in just the position to service the cock in front of him…

Cover Preview for Shelby's Seaside Awakening (by KinkyWriter)
Sneak Peeks

Shelby’s Seaside Awakening

2 years ago

“There’s something else that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time first…”