“Is my birthday boy ready to unwrap his first gift???”

For so long had he fantasized about his decadent wife pushing him over the next cliff of female domination by courting a better-endowed man while he wallowed in chastity nearby…

The satisfied grin on her face seemed to match the haughty presence in his dreams as she towered over him defiantly, and he could already imagine the black leather heels that he had bought for her high in the air as this stranger rode her nearby on their bed … on his birthday, no less!

Was this all some elaborate role-playing meant to drive his submission even further than before, or was his wife finally saying to him in no uncertain terms that she was ready for more?!

“For the rest of the day you’ll do what I say without question … now drop your pants and put on the cage…”

Featuring a delicious array of bondage and domination, severe male chastity, femdom humiliation, and of course cuckolding, this naughty tale will leave every pathetic male wishing that they were lucky enough to enjoy a cuckold birthday at the hands of such an incredibly horny and domineering wife!


“It’s kind of funny,” Amy began as she opened the long box on their bed and began to turn open the hot pink tissue paper within, “to go shopping for lingerie, not just looking for something sexy to titillate your husband, but even more so to drive him wild with jealousy and excitement…”

Now turned around in the doorway to face into the bedroom, Chris watched as Amy produced from the lingerie box first a skimpy, black lace bra with pink highlights that would make any woman’s nipples particularly visible, then followed by a matching, lace thong and even a garter belt that left him desperately focusing not to let his arousal inside of the spiked prison grow painfully out of control as his wife continued…

“I mean, my husband is locked in chastity,” she spoke to herself as she delicately laid the lingerie out for display on the bed before also producing a pair of black sheer stockings to complete the look, adding, “Surely a wife wouldn’t go and spend all of his money on these sexy clothes … unless…”

Chris hung on her every word as he peeked to then watch his wife nimbly slip out of the bra she had been wearing before donning the sleek and sexy, new lingerie that cradled her breasts and highlighted her hardened nipples, bringing special attention to the very clear fact that she was very much enjoying this little birthday narrative that she had prepared for her feeble husband as well.

“…unless…” Amy said once more as she next slipped out of her panties to reveal that her pussy had been waxed clean during her day out yesterday.

Foregoing the thong temporarily while she instead reached for the new garter belt to gingerly clip around her waist, the wicked woman grinned as she looked in her husband’s general direction and finally resolved, “…unless she had someone else in mind whom she was dolling herself up for in place of her pathetic husband who was always begging to be locked up at her feet!”

"For the rest of the day you'll do what I say without question ... now drop your pants and put on that cage..."
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