Romance is in the air as we dive into the second installment of’s Erotic Sampler series with stories of dedication and devotion, domination and discipline to make your heart a’ flutter … not to mention stir certain other parts of your anatomy, too! 

  • An unexpected bond forms between friends when one offers to introduce the other to the wonders of kink in An Origin of Love, in Handcuffs
  • Revel in the delicious fruits of domination from one dominant woman’s high perspective in Sweet, Sweet Pain
  • A young couple expresses their love in a way that’s nothing short of scandalous as one gets off on the other fooling around in Date Night in Pink
  • And enjoy a glimpse into the lives of a husband and wife anxiously preparing for their best Valentine’s Day ever in Strawberries & Leather

8 exhilarating adventures in total will lead you through a roller coaster of love, lust, and shoe worship as we explore the boundaries of trust and arousal in the most honest and intimate of ways. Though true romance may not always come wrapped in a heart-shaped box or be accompanied by a dozen long-stemmed roses, these erotically romantic tales will remind you that underneath all of the tight leather and humbling taunts, it’s in the trust that enables all of these kinky fantasies where the real romance shines true…

Be sure to check out our entire line of KinkyWriter Erotic Samplers for even more samples of everything from bondage and domination erotica to also chastity, cuckolding, fetishes, and even a hint of romantic restraint for the discerning kinkster!

More Books in This Series…

  1. Dark Fantasies
  2. Romantic Restraints
  3. Bound & Tormented
  4. Leather & Lust
  5. Intense Domination
  6. Sweet Submission
  7. Locked & Controlled

TAGS: bdsm, bondage, chastity, cuckolding, female-led relationship, femdom, foot worship, romantic, shoe fetish

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Exploring the world of kink through the written word, KinkyWriter writes erotic fiction about bondage and fetishes, domination, chastity, cuckolding, and more!
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