Though certainly intense in their own ways, not every femdom relationship need result in welt marks and bruised egos at the end of every session, and in this collection we explore the softer side of dominance as couples and cordial friends alike participate in the power exchange of D/s to give each other pleasure while entertaining the provocative fantasies that arouse them alike behind closed doors.

Whether it’s a helpful bit of instruction or merely a late afternoon release before dinner, these tales help to highlight the sweet rewards that can come from learning to embrace one’s hidden desires…

  • Whatever the Pretty Girl Wants… sees the excitement in a new domme embracing the control she holds over her boyfriend as she sits upon his lap, teasing and tormenting his tingling flesh while he can do little but stare deeper into her eyes and fall further beneath her with every sharp twist!
  • In First Steps…, we witness a domme lovingly guide her anxious submissive through his very first trampling session as he struggles to come to terms with his place at her feet.
  • A Quick Ride Before Dinner shares the fast-paced escapade of a horny dominant woman looking to get a little bit of pleasure out of her boyfriend as she savors his pain at the other end of their electro-torture box while also enjoying a succulent orgasm of her very own at his well-earned expense!
  • And in Pillow Talk, a young couple shares both their fantasies and concerns about the idea of cuckolding as they explore what it might mean for her to take a much more dominant role in their relationship to spice up their sex life, complete with taunts of bondage, denial, and even a hint of humiliation…

A total of 10 erotic short stories in this sampler feature the loving side of bondage and domination as female-led relationships are explored from both new beginnings as well as the salaciously seasoned veterans to boot, with interests in chastity, cuckolding, bondage, eletroplay, and more serving to build the bonds between dominant and submissive in each tale.

Be sure to check out our entire line of KinkyWriter Erotic Samplers for even more samples of everything from bondage and domination erotica to also chastity, cuckolding, fetishes, and even a hint of romantic restraint for the discerning kinkster!

More Books in This Series…

  1. Dark Fantasies
  2. Romantic Restraints
  3. Bound & Tormented
  4. Leather & Lust
  5. Intense Domination
  6. Sweet Submission
  7. Locked & Controlled

TAGS: bondage, cuckolding, femdom, foot worship, nipple play, roleplaying, romantic, submission, tease and denial

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Exploring the world of kink through the written word, KinkyWriter writes erotic fiction about bondage and fetishes, domination, chastity, cuckolding, and more!
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