My Dearest Submissive,

In preparation for our upcoming summer road trip, I’ve created the following rules which you, as my submissive, will be required to abide by during our travels…

1. Throughout the duration of this trip, you will only orgasm when I give you explicit permission to do so.

2. Your chastity belt will be worn at all times unless I deem it to be physically impractical due to a day’s scheduled activities.

3. Each day’s adventures will begin with you kissing my footwear of choice.  It will be up to you to initiate these moments and you may delay if a public setting so inclines you, however your punishment for not being timely will become increasingly severe as the day progresses.

4. You will keep an arousal log of things that turn you on throughout our trip.  Periodically I will review it and discipline you accordingly for any indiscretions.

5. Breakfast should always be served to me, be it room service in a hotel or by simply preparing my plate for me otherwise.  Once I am eating, you are then free to help yourself…

6. When visiting friends and family, you are always to sit in front of me on the floor instead of beside me on the couch.

7. In hotels or homes where we have a private room, you will sleep with your collar locked on and your wrists bound in front of you.  If I feel that you have misbehaved that day, your wrists will instead be bound behind your back.

8. You will carry any and all souvenirs and shopping bags, gifts and favors without the slightest complaint.

9. I will orgasm every single night of this trip, with or without your assistance at my discretion.  On the occasions that you are permitted to do so, I will always cum before you do.

10. Any woman to grace your presence deserves your utmost respect and admiration, and I expect you to go out of your way to show this, whether by holding the door for a random stranger, buying flowers for my mother, or tipping the waitress an extra 10% simply because she’s a woman.  I’ll be watching – impress me…

Although I know that you will be on your best behavior and do whatever it takes to make me proud of your service throughout the course of our trip, do understand that I will be bringing along a variety of restraints and disciplinary items should I need to motivate you along the way.  In an effort to conserve car space, only my most effective implements will be packed to ensure maximum compliance.

I look forward to spanking you in fourteen different states…
Your Goddess


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