“So I finished reading that book of yours last night!” Rebecca announced proudly as she sat across from her boyfriend Jeffrey over dinner at their favorite restaurant.

“You did?” he asked in surprise. The book in question was a lengthy volume called Owned by Her: Life in a Female-Led Relationship and encompassed a number of highly intense, highly personal fantasies that he’d harbored internally for many years. He had actually been too scared to share that world with his girlfriend of only six months at that point in their relationship, but after finding it buried in his bookshelf one afternoon while he was otherwise occupied, she had started flipping through it on her own and by the time he had learned about her discovery, she pretty much wouldn’t take no for an answer when she informed him that she was going to borrow it…

“So … what did you think???” Jeff asked her as he played with his fork nervously.

“I loved it!” Rebecca bubbled with a Cheshire grin on her face. “I don’t know why you didn’t tell me about this earlier – we can totally do some of that stuff in our relationship!”

Jeff felt his heart race as he looked on at his girlfriend’s enthusiasm, unsure of whether he should be excited or anxious about her over-zealous reaction to his hidden desires.

“Wh … what kinds of things specifically did you enjoy?” he stuttered.

“Oh, lots of stuff…” she gushed in reply, “…having you kiss my feet when you enter a room, being my personal attendant, maybe even some spanking! Actually, I have this…”

Reaching into her purse, Rebecca pulled out a small stack of papers stapled together and slid them across the table to her boyfriend as she explained, “As I’m sure you’re aware, one of the things the book talks about is creating a contract between the dominant and her submissive to define expectations for their relationship. I thought it sounded kinda fun, so I made this one for us…

Contract of Slavery Between Rebecca Marie Wolfe and Jeffrey Scott Thompson
This agreement will cover an initial span of 30 days, commencing one day after all of the articles in Section VII are provided to Miss Wolfe’s satisfaction.

During the course of this term, and throughout this agreement, Rebecca Wolfe will hereby be referred to as Miss Wolfe.

During the course of this term, and throughout this agreement, Jeffrey Thompson will hereby be referred to as Slave.

The following outlines the rules, regulations, and requirements that shall govern the relationship between Miss Wolfe and Slave during the course of this agreement. Once signed by both parties, it shall be binding and non-negotiable for the term of the agreement or as long as both parties remain a couple, whichever is shorter.

I. Expectations

  • Miss Wolfe shall assume the role of the dominating force in Slave’s life.
  • All decisions of consequence for Slave will be determined solely by Miss Wolfe.
  • Slave will be obedient, subservient, and submissive to Miss Wolfe at all times – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Any actions not to Miss Wolfe’s liking will be addressed with swift punishment, including but not limited to physical, mental, sexual, and psychological at her sole discretion.
  • Slave shall become the express property of Miss Wolfe, and subject only to the limitations set forth in Section II, will be managed expressly as Miss Wolfe sees fit.

II. Consent

  • Miss Wolfe acknowledges that the following activities are prohibited, per Slave’s hard limits: knife, needle, and blood play, fire play, defecation, public play, permanent body modification,
  • Slave acknowledges that the following are possible activities, per Miss Wolfe’s desires: heavy bondage and isolation, intense humiliation including cross-dressing and chastity, non-permanent markings from discipline, genital piercing, non-permanent signs of ownership.
  • Miss Wolfe shall be responsible for the general wellbeing of Slave and commits to maintaining a healthy and safe environment, including but not limited to food and water, shelter, sleeping arrangements, and general well being.
  • Slave acknowledges that barring any conflicts with the aforementioned, all aspects of its life shall be governed exclusively by Miss Wolfe without question.

III. Personal Effects & Responsibilities

  • All possessions owned by Slave shall be considered to be owned by Miss Wolfe.
  • Slave’s place of residence shall be considered to be the primary residence of Miss Wolfe.
  • All bills and financial obligations shall be managed by Miss Wolfe, per instructions to be provided in advance by Slave.
  • Any remaining funds leftover after bills and financial obligations shall belong to Miss Wolfe to use at her discretion.
  • Slave will be given a weekly cash allowance, at the discretion of Miss Wolfe, for incidentals such as gas, food, and other novelties. All receipts must be provided to Miss Wolfe to avoid jeopardy of future allowance.

IV. Code of Conduct

  • Unless entering or leaving the premises, Slave shall be appropriately attired at all times – either nude or in a designated uniform of Miss Wolfe’s choosing.
  • When in uniform, the appropriate greeting shall be to kiss Miss Wolfe’s footwear. Should Miss Wolfe not be wearing footwear, Slave is to kneel at her feet and ask for permission to kiss them.
  • Under no circumstances is Slave permitted to touch Miss Wolfe without her express permission.
  • Slave shall not speak unless given permission to do so. The only exception to this rule is the phrase, “Thank you, Miss Wolfe,” which will be expected whenever Miss Wolfe chooses to grace Slave with her attention or the attention of her crop.
  • All household chores, including but not limited to dishes, laundry, vacuuming, general cleanliness of the bathroom, and organization of Miss Wolfe’s wardrobe will be the sole responsibility of Slave.
  • Slave shall also be responsible for any special services requested of it by Miss Wolfe, such as personal shopping, massage and body relaxation techniques, worship, entertainment, and limited sexual gratification, at her request.

V. Education & Training
During the course of the agreement, Slave shall become proficient through repetition and corrective actions in the following areas:

  • Unyielding obedience
  • Household cleanliness to a level of Miss Wolfe’s preference
  • Prompt and proper service
  • Cunnilingus to a level of Miss Wolfe’s preference
  • Body worship & personal massage
  • Increased pain thresholds
  • Extended endurance through restrictive bondage

VI. Sexuality & Discipline

  • Slave accepts that its sexuality shall be at the express discretion of Miss Wolfe without exception.
  • Slave shall remain locked in chastity throughout the duration of the agreement, with any release strictly governed by Miss Wolfe.
  • Miss Wolfe’s sexuality shall be the focus of this duration and as such, Slave’s performed shall be graded on her satisfaction as such.
  • Slave should expect regular discipline sessions, including but not limited to spanking, paddling, flogging, caning, nipple torture, bondage, and humiliation, both as corrective actions as well as for Miss Wolfe’s amusement.
  • Should Slave resist any of the aforementioned, further and more corrective actions shall be taken including extended bondage, repeated discipline, and intense humiliation.

VII. Initiation Requirements

  • $1,000 cash as discretionary income to do with as she chooses
  • 3 pairs of high heeled shoes, in Miss Wolfe’s size and suitable for worship
  • A steel or otherwise highly secure chastity belt, which Slave will wear for the duration of this agreement without release
    • Note – device will be provided to Miss Wolfe unopened from retailer to ensure that only she comes in contact with the key(s)
  • A dildo of no less than 8” in length, which Miss Wolfe shall use for her sexual pleasure while Slave is locked in chastity
  • An essay of 2 pages in length describing what this agreement means to Slave and what it is willing to do in service under Miss Wolfe during the term of this agreement
  • In accordance with Section III, any details required by Miss Wolfe to assume control over Slave’s finances, including existing budgets, system logins and password, checkbooks, and all credit & debit cards with any associated PINs

VIII. Continuation of Servitude
This agreement may be extended at the acceptance of both parties after its initial 30-day term has expired. Extension will require a new set of Requirements, along the lines of Section VII, to be determined at the time of extension by Miss Wolfe.

Extension will be for increments of additional 30-day terms. Should the full duration of initial and extended terms exceed 180 days, future extension of the agreement may be elected at Miss Wolfe’s sole discretion and will be commemorated by a permanent, inconspicuous marking of her choosing.

IX. Execution of Agreement
By indication of signature below by both parties, Miss Wolfe and Slave agree to enter into the agreement described in full throughout this document.

Slave will be given one week from date of signature to fulfill any and all requirements of Section VII or agreement will be considered null and void.

This contract is legally binding in the State of Kansas.

Rebecca Marie Wolfe
Miss Wolfe

Jeffrey Scott Thompson

Rebecca’s grin persisted as she watched her boyfriend consume every word through the last page before ceremoniously reaching into her bag and producing a distinct, black fountain pen from the law office where she interned and sliding it across the table towards him…

(click here to read Jeffrey’s essay, as required from Section VII of The Contract…)


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