David did his best to maintain his composure as the cool latex slid up his body, its firm yet paper-thin grasp already sending shivers down his spine despite the fact that there was still so much left yet to come.

The faceless attendant that he had been assigned to spoke not a word as they worked, dressed in the same shiny, black latex suit from head to toe that he was being fitted into, though with the notable exception of being without the numerous restraints that David had waiting for him on the table nearby once the entirety of his own suit had been slipped into place.

After some extra effort to fit his hands and wrists into the attached gloves at the end of his sleeves, not to mention around the imposing steel chastity cage that hung around his cock and balls, the dressing finally stopped at the man’s neck as his shiny attendant then drew the long and sturdy zipper up the length of his back until the black latex was pulled particularly taut around his entire body.

Not wasting a moment of time, the attendant then motioned for him to turn away as the heavy latex corset was selected from the pile of bondage gear awaiting him and with a surprising display of strength, they quickly fitted the device around his midsection and began cinching the thick laces as David felt his breathing capacity rapidly diminished with each draw that seemed to be timed perfectly with each exhalation.


This story was written for Smutathon 2020 – follow the link above to read the full story and while you’re there, consider a donation for our charity this year – Endometriosis UK.


TAGS: bdsm, bondage, hardcore, latex, leather, sensory deprivation, smutathon

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