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Cover Preview for Thankful for Boot Season (by KinkyWriter)
Fetish Erotica

Thankful for Boot Season

5 years ago

He would’ve given anything to drop to his knees and worship the boots on her feet…

Cover Preview for The Chastity Sisters (by KinkyWriter)
Chastity Erotica

The Chastity Sisters

6 years ago

What would you sacrifice to be at the whim of not one, but two beautiful women???

Cover Preview for The Slut Wore Ballet Boots (by KinkyWriter)
Fetish Erotica

The Slut Wore Ballet Boots

7 years ago

Lisa knew that she was most definitely a slut, and surprisingly, it turned out that being slutty was actually kind of fun!!!

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Michelle’s Kinky Chat Log – Work & Leather

11 years ago

So I was thinking about wearing my leather skirt to work tomorrow…

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Locked at Her Feet

11 years ago

“I think I want to wear my new boots out tonight…”