Roleplaying at Home: Something Different

“What is it about me with another guy that turns you on???”

“You’re usually getting ready for a date, and I’m on my knees in the bedroom.”

“I’m not wearing anything – except for maybe a collar, and a chastity device…”

“…and you’re wearing something really sexy…”

Nick had never mentioned his cuckolding fantasy to anyone, but after letting it slip out to his wife during some late night pillow talk, he quickly learns that maybe the things that turn him on actually have the potential to turn her on as well!

Join husband and wife Nick and Erika as they divulge in a bit of bedroom roleplaying while they explore his newly confessed fantasy of her being with another man and come to discover that his submissive fantasies are even more fun when they’re shared…

This story is book #1 of the 5-part Roleplaying at Home series of femdom and cuckolding adventures.


“You know – I don’t know if I’d even be able to resist if I were to run into William these days. He never seemed to care much that I had a boyfriend in college – I’m not sure that it would phase him now that I’ve got myself a husband.”

“I actually think that I would rather enjoy feeling his body pressed up against mine once again, swallowing his kisses like they were the only thing around me that mattered. I do think that he would be rather amused to learn that his old college fling has to keep her husband locked in chastity … some more prominent men would consider that sort of finding to be an open invitation, wouldn’t you think?!”

“I think it would start with just a brief blowjob in the parking garage after work … I’d come home with a little cum on my lips, but you’d be none the wiser!”

“When was the last time that I gave you a blowjob?!” she laughed out loud. “I dare say I don’t even remember anymore … but if any man could have me down on my knees in my best business skirt with his cock tickling the back of my throat, it would be William!”

Erika put a bit more pressure on the heel in her husband’s back as her fingers gently slipped inside, feeling the very real arousal that the unexpected fantasy between them was creating as her husband obediently worshipped at her feet…“It would be easy enough to hide so that you’d be none the wiser,” she continued coyly as she drifted while imagining the fingers of her old college lover in place of her own. “You know how working late is part of the job for me – who’s to say if I’m actually working hard on reports or working hard on William’s cock when I tell you that I’m going to be home late on a given night.”

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