It was her decision and her decision alone when I would get unlocked.

To be told that you can’t do something is frustrating, but to then be teased and tormented about it … something that nearly every man on the planet does multiple times a day … is just utterly agonizing.

And delicious.

It had always been my biggest fantasy to allow someone that kind of control over me – a type of domination that is both despised and desired at the same time … to watch a woman deny me access to my own manhood while also taunting me with it mercilessly just because she could … but of course, the real kicker about giving up that kind of power is that there’s no guarantee the other person will eventually want to give it back.

47 days ago I shared my chastity fantasy with my girlfriend, Nichole.


“So are you regretting asking me to lock you up in this thing yet?” she asked playfully as I winced with each tap of her shoe against my cage.

“Because I’m kind of enjoying it!” she admitted with a pleasant ring in her voice. “I’m really loving how subservient you’ve become with just this simple padlock around your…”

Reaching down, my girlfriend suddenly wrapped her hand around the cage and gave it a couple of satisfying tugs, her fingers lingering a few seconds longer in what I thought was her admiring its hold on me before finally exclaiming surprisingly, “Is this?!”

Nichole pulled her hand back and raised her fingers to her nose just long enough to confirm her suspicions before leaning forward and wiping them on me with an amused sneer.

“Wow,” she chuckled before turning to rest one of her heels back on my neck, “you really weren’t holding anything back when you admitted how much this stuff turns you on!”

“Seriously, just following around behind me in a short skirt and heels is enough to get that little thing of yours all aching for some lovin’?!”

“Or is it the cage???” she realized with an insightful grin as she continued tapping her foot against the plastic device, this time admittedly a bit harder than before.

“Is it knowing that no matter how much you get to stare at my butt or fantasize about these sexy high heels on my feet, there’ll be no touching as long as I’m the one wearing this special key here around my neck?”

Nichole smiled as she twirled the key to his cage that he had put on a shiny, silver necklace he’d purchased just for their chastity game.

“Well you can drip all you want inside of that thing, boy, because I’m just starting to have fun with this and I don’t see myself unlocking you anytime soon!”

"Perhaps locking it away was really the best that we could do ... for all women."
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