Sometimes I wish I knew what it felt like to be a girl…

Dan and Michele had shared plenty of kinky fantasies together over the years, so when he confessed to his girlfriend about his secret desire to know what it felt like to be a sexy woman, the beautician was eager to put her skills to the test to show him a night that he would never forget!

Transforming her boyfriend into a sexy brunette with long, brown hair and insatiable lips, Michele then convinces her new girlfriend to join him for a night out at the local BDSM club where she gets more than she bargained for in a tale filled with restraints and spanking, and even a little something left on her lips afterwards as Dani embraces her femininity and all that it entails in this playful and kinky, gender-bending night out…


“I think you’re gonna like these,” Michele told her with a grin as she then unboxed the sexy, deep purple gogo boots that had honestly inspired the rest of her outfit, unzipping them and removing the paper inside before then sliding the first heavy boot up her leg and onto her foot, with the vinyl creaking its seductive song as Michele slid the zipper up her girlfriend’s leg and then slowly tightened the laces until the thick vinyl fully encased Dani‘s foot and calf. Both girls smiled together as they anxiously awaited waited for her to do the same with the second boot so that she could try standing on the high heels for the first time.

“Wow, these really are something,” Dani remarked, her voice noticeably higher than it had been an hour ago as she stood on the thick heels that also boasted a 2” platform to keep the heel height itself more manageable.

“Hold on a second – I want to see something,” Michele quipped as she suddenly darted into their closet and came back wearing a red version of the same platform boots that she intended to wear herself that night, standing next to her new girlfriend as she smiled and found that thanks to her boyfriend’s admittedly short nature, the platform heels that she chose still had Dani an inch shorter than her when they both stood side-by-side in their sexy heels.

“Let’s finish getting you dressed,” she told her, “and then you can practice walking around in those a bit.”

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