Most husbands don’t like their wives hanging out with other men…

Paul had prodded his wife Shelby for years to be more dominant in their relationship.

Even to the extent of locking him in chastity and being intimate with other men.

She never quite understood the appeal of it until one day she finally gave in and decided to give this strange and overwhelming fantasy that he had envisioned a try, complete with a new pair of heels and a leather miniskirt charged to his credit card and a pink, plastic chastity cage locked on tight.

If Paul really wanted to know what it was like to be the humiliated husband of a beautiful hotwife, a day spent with her friend Michael was going to open both of the eyes!


“He told me,” she said slowly and with a certain grin on her face, “that the idea of me fucking another guy was one of his biggest fantasies.”

Michael smiled, as he was surprised, though admittedly not all that surprised.

Likewise, though it was harder to tell through her swimsuit, she was also a bit turned on by sharing the naughty tale just the same.

“I mean, it caught me off guard, but I could tell how much it turned him on – he was leaking like crazy through the little holes in the cage – so I thought it might be fun to push him a little, and I told him that I was going to do it.”

“By that point, *I* was strangely kind of aroused myself, so I told him to get between my legs, and he licked me to a fantastic orgasm, and then once I was done, I told him I wanted him to wear it overnight so that he couldn’t touch himself after I fell asleep!”

Pausing to take a breath, happy that her friend was enjoying the story as much as she was enjoying retelling it, Shelby eventually continued…

“So the next morning – he was still wearing his cage – I asked how he was feeling, and he told me that it had been the most intense sex that he had ever had.”

“…but … he didn’t…?” Michael interrupted with a confused look on his face.

“Nope!” Shelby confirmed brightly.

“He said that ‘it didn’t matter that he didn’t cum … because *I* came … and his fantasy is about me being able to enjoy my sexuality to its fullest.’”

“A few minutes later I told him to give me the keys because I was going to the mall shopping for the day so that I could go out dancing with some of my girlfriends later that night. I told him that I was going to splurge on something sexy, and he gave me a few ideas of things that he would like … my new leather skirt and my new sandals … because he told me that the idea of me getting dressed up was a turn-on, too.”

"He told me that the idea of me fucking another guy was one of his biggest fantasies." - Shelby's Seaside Awakening
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