Roleplaying at Home: Gifts from a Lover

I wanted you to have a little something special to wear just from me…

“What would he think if he came home to find you in this kinky, new lingerie that I bought you???”

“He’d think that I’m a slut…”

“That’s because you are.”

“I know.”

Erika indulges in an unexpected opportunity to explore their new fantasy on her own as she comes home to find a series of gifts left by her husband Nick in the name of her former lover. Dressing in the sexy lingerie and digging up more dirty secrets from her past, she enjoys some intense one-on-one time with her imaginary boyfriend who pushes her to enjoy their new game of cuckolding like never before.

By the time her evening is over, the married woman is nearly convinced that she’s actually been with another man while her husband toils away at work in chastity – the only question is, what will her husband think???

This story is book #3 of the 5-part Roleplaying at Home series of femdom and cuckolding adventures.


Taking a more studious approach to her task, Erika began to carefully review each toy on the shelf closest to her one by one, the nuances of each slowly intriguing her curiosity as images of William’s cock flashed through her head. Her body tingled as she found rubber cocks that seemed to grow closer and closer to his own impressive prowess, from veins to even his length and girth that had always stood out in her mind above anyone else that she’d been with.

With another glance around to confirm her privacy, she reached down into the handbag at her side and pulled out the small stack of photos, flipping through them slowly and discretely as the memories from her perverted past took over…

On her knees with William’s cock in her mouth…

On her back with her hands bound over her head…

His delicious cock pulsating inside of her as he took her from behind…

Smiling softly as she slipped them back into her purse just as quickly as she had produced them, Erika felt a new surge of promiscuity as she took a long, purple dildo off the shelf and began to read its features to herself as William made his presence in her head known once more.

“Now you know that I’m bigger than that!” he chuckled as she read off the measurements on the side of the box.

“If you’re going to do this love, no sense in not giving yourself a REAL treat…”

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