Rubber Boy and the Traveling Cuckoldress

Meet Rubber Boy.

A submissive husband with a lust for latex and bondage that’s rivaled only by his wife’s kinky desires to seek out lovers to explore her own sexuality while he remains at home cleaning house.

This week’s adventure takes Mistress on a weekend getaway to visit one of her lovers in Boston for two wild nights of unbridled sex in an expensive penthouse atop one of the ritziest hotels in the city. Occasionally checking in on Rubber Boy via cameras around their house, join Samantha as she indulges in a passionate vacation with her lover while still controlling Rubber Boy through a series of slut duties designed to keep him focused on his place even in her absence…


Upon walking into the room, sensors in the doorway triggered the release of his wrist cuffs, which Rubber Boy was required to reattach behind his back once he’d settled onto his knees and fastened the similar locking mechanism around the chain connected to his ankle cuffs. With one final chain running from his collar to a ring beneath the dildo attached to the wall, his bondage held him in just the position to service the cock in front of him, with several infrared cameras watching him from all angles both to provide a view of his performance back to Mistress if she so desired as well as to monitor his compliance.

With the door to the closet shut behind him, his cock sucking practice was a secret to anyone else who wandered through the house – a practice that Mistress had actually put to the test in the past by securing him in place and then inviting some friends over for a house party, going so far as to have them all deposit their coats on the bed that was only a few feet through the wooden closet door away from where Rubber Boy knelt in his bondage, working the silicone cock with his lips and tongue at the time without any hint as to when he might actually be released.

In this case, however, he knew that 10 minutes was the standard required duration for his oral service, with the sounds of the chains rattling hypnotically around him as he worked back and forth on the dildo, wondering if his Mistress was in fact watching him or if she’d settled for another form of entertainment as the jet plane whisked her away to her weekend getaway.

When the all-seeing cameras had determined that Rubber Boy had sufficiently sucked off his silicone suitor, the locks behind him and at his collar unlocked and he was able to crawl back out of the closet, stretching as he stood up in his cozy, latex suit before returning to the bedroom that he normally shared with his Mistress to prepare for his last task of the evening.

"A slut's place is on her knees, and since you're dressed for the part..." - Rubber Boy and the Traveling Cuckoldress
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