“I know about all of your little secrets…”

“You have a choice this weekend. The three of us didn’t just come to Vegas this weekend to have a few drinks and lose money in the casinos. As you can see by looking around you, there are a lot of beautiful women and men in this town, and if you decide that you want to go through with all of it, your wife is going to make you a cuckold this weekend.”

With his wife’s best friend to keep him company, David comes to terms with his biggest fantasy of all. As Rachel teases and prods at his submissive outpourings while they explore the emotions and the turn-ons behind David’s cuckolding fetish in the city where dirty deeds are done on the hour, every hour, the thought of his wife making love with a random stranger creeps closer and closer to becoming a reality.

After hours of tease and denial, boot worship, and even chastity to help pass the time, what will David say when his wife Jessica calls her friend for their final decision???


“Awfully aroused for somebody who’s not going to be getting laid tonight!” she said with a beaming smile as she sized up his dick for the first time with her own eyes. Walking over to him, she ordered, “Hands behind your back!” before taking a firm hold of it with her right hand. “I guess it’s not terribly small,” she commented as she gave it a couple of squeezes before holding her fingers out as if to measure it, “but she can still do better.”

“Besides, what good is a hard cock if it cums prematurely forty-five seconds into its job?!”

David’s face turned beet red, his eyes dropping back to the woman’s boots as she continued taunting him.

“But don’t worry, sweetie – that’s why we’re just going to lock that thing up, out of sight, out of mind, and then your wife will be free to get fucked by a man who can last longer than a minute to satisfy her!”

Rachel leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before walking back over to the counter and turning the cold water knob on the sink on full. As she ran her right hand under the water, she was quick to note, “Of course, you’re never going to fit into this thing hard like that, and you’re certainly not allowed to cum at this point…”

Stepping back to his side, she surprised him by taking his balls in her cold, wet hand as she placed the other one on his back and continued soothingly, “…so let’s just get you nice and soft again so that we can put you where you belong.”

The woman smiled softly as she noticed David’s breathing begin to deepen as he attempted to regain control of himself, her cold hand having exactly the intended effect as she watched his penis slowly deflate until it hung loosely between his legs. Before removing her hand, she chuckled half under her breath, “It definitely looks a lot less impressive like this…”

Tilting his head back in angst as Rachel eventually left him monetarily to retrieve his cage, along with a small bottle of lubricant, from the counter, he was quickly corrected by the new dominant as she returned.

“Eyes down!” she instructed. “I think I kind of like you that way, so keep your eyes down on the floor … by my boots … until I tell you otherwise.”

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