A Prelude to Cuckolding

“Actually, if you really stop and think about it … it’s kind of hot.”

Distraught about her dwindling sex life when she discovers that her husband is into cuckolding porn, Heather confides in her best friend who helps her to see the other side of the kink and encourages her to let out her wild side a little to see if her husband’s fantasies could in fact be turned into something beneficial for the both of them.

Decked out to the nines and amped up after reading some naughty foreplay of her own, Heather meets a dark stranger at the nightclub whose sensual interest excites her in ways she never would’ve thought imaginable.

Will this be the night that piques Heather’s interests into the exotic fantasy world of cuckoldry???


“So how big is he?” her friend countered suggestively as she then handed Heather the matching bra from the same lingerie box.

She smirked, then thought out loud for a moment and playfully offered back, “I don’t know – maybe four or five inches?”

Cara couldn’t help but snicker as Heather slipped her breasts into the bra that seemed to do wonders for lifting them while also offering up ample amounts of cleavage…

“And is four inches enough for you???”

Heather’s eyes rolled again as she reached behind to snap her new brassiere closed.

“It’s … ok!” she replied with an amused smile.

“I mean, sure – more would be nice, but a relationship is about a lot more than just the size’s of a guy’s cock!”

“True,” Cara replied as she produced Heather’s new shoes and handed them over to her with a devilish smile. “You wouldn’t want to get married based on cock size alone, but that’s not to say that a girl can’t enjoy a nice fuck from a well-endowed man more than she might from her lesser-endowed husband…”

Heather sat down and slipped her feet into the sexy leather heels, savoring once more how the expensive black leather crept up around the back of her feet to then cradle her ankles as the thick, ornate straps held them in place with the simple click of the gold hasps that sparkled on the outside of each shoe.

Standing up to take in the full look of the stilettos when paired with her sexy, new skimpy lingerie and her makeup ready to go out, that’s when she felt Cara come up beside her and put her arm around her waist as she beamed, “This is what I’m talking about!”

“Look at you – a woman who looks like this doesn’t settle for four-inch cocks!!!”

“A woman like this gets any cock that she wants!”


TAGS: cuckolding, femdom, high heels, humiliation, playful

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