“Is this or is this not one of your fantasies?”

“Did you not commit to doing everything that I say when you’re wearing that thing?”

“You wanted a wife that was more dominant, now didn’t you?”

“Now we’re going to go back out there and you can go right back to sitting at the table doing nothing,” I taunted him, “but just know that while I’m out on that dance floor, there’s a bit more on my mind than just dancing!”

It started as just another wedding for one of his wife’s friends from college, but when Anna decides to spice things up by bringing up her husband’s chastity fetish, little did she know that it would spark an entirely different set of desires in her as she finds herself becoming pleasantly reacquainted with one of the groomsmen who she just happened to have a fling with back in college.

“I may be married to him,” I told Brad bluntly as our lips parted a moment later, “but tonight you can do whatever you want to me…”


“Mmmmmm – don’t I taste good?!” I teased while I sauntered around him to retrieve my next tool. “Too bad that’s the only taste of me that you’ll be getting this evening – I’m sure I’m going to be far wetter than that by the time that Brad gets through with me!”

Next I took the fuzzy handcuffs that Jamie had given to me and locked Kevin’s wrists behind his back, thus ensuring that there would be no escaping the bondage that I was crafting for him until *I* was ready for his release!

And finally came the satin blindfold over his eyes to block out his view of me … not that he’d be seeing much more of me shortly anyways … but the sexy blindfold with its red lips certainly sealed the deal with what was about to unfold and I found myself unable to whisk him away into the nearby closet fast enough, whispering to him, “Now if I hear a single peep out of you, you’ll spend the rest of the night out on the balcony dressed like that – which I’m sure the rest of the hotel guests would get quite the kick out of!” just as I heard that fateful knock at the door that sent an exciting chill down my spine as I closed the closet door on my husband and rushed over to greet my awaiting fuck…

Brad couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear as I met him at the door, beaming a smile myself when I saw the plate of fresh chocolate-covered strawberries from the restaurant downstairs that he’d picked up for our little rendezvous!

I quickly took the silver tray from his hands and a moment later fell back into his arms like we had left each other not long ago down at the wedding reception, with the man savoring an even deeper and more sensual kiss than he had dared to downstairs before he finally pulled back just long enough to ask, “So where’s your husband off to this evening while you’re here with me???”

I giggled and pressed my body tighter to his as I seductively whispered back, “Oh, he’s just a little tied up right now … I don’t think that he’ll be bothering us for a while…”

"What can I say? Circumstances tonight have me feeling a little bit naughty..."
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