Kim’s Chastity Diary

I finally ordered it!!!

Finally indulging in the fantasy that has piqued one college co-ed’s sexual curiosity for quite some time, Kim writes in her diary about buying her submissive boyfriend his very own chastity belt, followed by her own naughty thoughts during the days leading up to its unveiling as well as a very special play-by-play of the big night itself when she excitedly learns what it’s like to be the dominant keyholder with her man obediently groveling at her feet!

Featuring plenty of first person chastity and femdom fantasies, Kim’s naughty journaling is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wondering where round two will take this kinky couple in their BDSM adventures together, too…


June 11th, 2012 – 11:45pm
This stuff is sounding a little more intense than I was expecting, yet I haven’t been able to put it down since I got home…

The first part of the book was pretty much what you would expect – how to put it on, how to lock it, how to clean it – basically an instruction manual … but the next part…

I’ll just give you some of the headings!

 – The Benefits of Being a Female Keyholder
 – Female Supremacy and You
 – Dressing the Part of the Modern Day Dominatrix
 – Tease and Denial
 – Making Him Earn It
 – Extended Chastity Sessions

So apparently there’s this whole subculture of men who actually enjoy being locked up by their partners, and these women go to all sorts of lengths to keep them frustrated the entire time that they’re locked up. Here I thought that it would just be sexy to hold the key to his belt, knowing that he’s sitting at work or walking around somewhere with this constant reminder of me locked around his cock, but it sounds like it can be a whole lot more than that if the “keyholder” wants it to be…

…which I don’t know, but maybe I do?!

Just the thought of using this device to really keep him in line seems really hot. I mean, I love the relationship that we have now and I really think that we go great together, but if we’re just talking about the fantasy for a minute … I don’t know how long I’d want it to last, but the idea of really kicking it up a few notches and having him following me around worshipping the ground that I walk on, begging for my mercy, even though I wouldn’t be a very good keyholder if I just gave in and unlocked him whenever he begged for it…

It all sounds really dirty, and yet I don’t think that I’ve ever been this turned on in all my life.

"I like the thought of him begging me to cum while I have as many orgasms as I want!"
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