Naughty Pink Date Night

He was being punished, she was preparing for a night out on the town … without him.

On the surface, Bobby and Katie just looked like any other young couple in love – always holding hands and often skipping off to exotic vacations together before they were ready to settle down and have kids, but behind closed doors it was perfectly common for Katie to head out on her weekly date night without her husband…

…because if there was one thing that turned on Bobby more than a night out with his beautiful wife, it was imagining her spending it in pure carnal bliss with another man!


“Pathetic, but at least you’re obedient…” Katie laughed as she looked in the full-length mirror nearby to enjoy the sight of a beautiful woman standing tall above her submissive husband. She couldn’t deny that the view certainly got her juices flowing as well as she relished in his humiliation and then posed to turn it up another notch by prodding, “I think that’s enough for now – I don’t want to keep John waiting,” before suddenly stepping away and leaving him staring at the floor, his lips still agape from worshipping her shoes only a moment earlier.

“Did you get me more condoms?” she called out to him from the other room as she transferred the essential contents from her purse into the cute, pink leather wristlet that matched her dress.

“You need to get dressed because I want you to drop me off at the club tonight…” chuckling to herself as he walked away while she slit the purple box open and emptied half a dozen of the condoms designed for her pleasure into her clutch…

"He was being punished, she was preparing for a night out on the town ... without him."
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