What are the kinky rituals that make your heart race???

Enjoy 20 erotic stories exploring everything from bondage and domination to fetishes around shoes and boots and fine leather, chastity and denial and even cuckolding, along with even a bit of sadism and pain play for those who like it rough!

Just a sample of what you’ll find within these pages…

  • Wrapped Up for the Night – mummification is better with a helping hand!
  • Friday Night Hogtie – leather, steel, and frustration
  • Lady Picture Show – a kink for sharing!
  • Hands-Free Submission – electroplay torture
  • Naughty Twin Roulette – which one will come up this time?
  • Smitten by Leather – lust-filled leather fetish
  • Sadistic in Stilettos – hell hath no fury
  • Locked Cuckold Pillow Talk – teasing him about her ex
  • Shared with Master – she loves being used while he watches
  • Couples Endurance Bondage – his and hers weekly bondage adventures

Whether you’re looking to craft a few kinky rituals of your own or are aching to read some intense erotica about all of your favorite fetishes, this special collection of BDSM stories features a little something for everyone and a whole lot of kinky fun for anyone who reads it.

Excerpt from “Friday Night Hogtie”…

Hogtied in the middle of her bed on a Friday night wearing her favorite spiked heel leather boots, with dildos stuffed into both her ass and pussy as well as one buckled into her mouth as a gag for good measure, Nikki sincerely loved to hate the intense tease and denial self-bondage that she had designed for herself…

The heavy leather harness that she wore over her otherwise naked body consisted of 2 inch thick, heavy leather straps around her neck, above and below her breasts, and most significantly down through her legs to hold the two plugs that she had inserted deep inside.

On her wrists and ankles were simple, steel wrist and ankle cuffs, the chains for which had been looped together behind her back to pin her ankles together and hold her wrists as close to them as possible where she knew she could still free herself when her excursion was finally over. With her lips muffled by the dildo gag wedged into her mouth and the matching leather blindfold wrapped tightly around her eyes, the blonde was oblivious to her surroundings as she left herself helpless to focus on her bonds and the tantalizing stimulation between her legs. As her bondage persisted and the vibrator pulsed randomly between high and low speeds just as she had planned, the damsel cried helplessly into her gag as she thrust her hips hard against the head of the wand which in turn forced the plugs even deeper inside of her.

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