“Do you want to watch your wife get fucked again, baby?”

He wasn’t supposed to be home for another two days, but instead he had skipped out of his business meetings early so that he could come home to see me … it’s just that this probably wasn’t what he expected to see when he strode into our bedroom with a bouquet of pink roses and an expensive bottle of wine.

“This isn’t the first time that you’ve done this, is it?”

I shook my head no.

“Is he the only guy?”

No again.

“Do you know how beautiful you look right now???”

When Stephanie’s husband walks in on her bound tight in bondage at the mercy of her lover, she finds herself overwhelmed in a way that her adultery has never quite built up to before. Unable and unwilling to give up this illicit lifestyle that she adopts whenever her husband is away on business, instead she offers him an unexpected opportunity to witness firsthand the very act that he walked in on all over again…

…but there’s a catch.


“I’ll make you a deal,” I told him as I sauntered out into the room, my lips now a sexy shade of pink as I fluttered my long lashes in his direction.

“Instead of waiting until your next business trip, I’ll invite one of my friends over for a little fun tomorrow … if you want to watch!”

Sitting down beside my husband, I took one of my pink fuck-me shoes from the floor and sensuously ran my finger down to the sharp heel before reaching down and slipping it onto my foot once more, following thereafter with its match in like.

Pushing Erik back onto the bed and climbing on top of him, it didn’t take long for his erection to return as his enthusiasm for my slutty ways peeked through his deep-seeded reluctance. I slid my pussy over him with little effort, locking eyes with his as I slowly began to ride him while I held his wrists down over his head.

“Do you want to watch your wife get fucked again, baby?” I sneered into his eyes as the rhythm beneath my hips slowly worked its magic.

He gulped, then nodded without saying a word.

“I want to hear it!” I shouted back at him in control. “Do you want to watch your wife get fucked by another man?!”

“Yes, Stephanie!” he shouted back that time. “I want to watch you get fucked by another man!”

“Do you want to watch him tie me up and use me like the sexy, little slut that I am???”

“God yes – I want to see you get tied up and used like a slut!” he cried as I rode him faster and faster.

My own mind began to swirl as my husband faded away and instead I pictured one of my random lovers thrusting into my wet pussy in his place. I wished that there was more in that very moment … I wished that I had my wrists and ankles tied, pulling me tight to the bed … I wished that there was a pair of nipple clamps biting sweetly yet cruelly into my tender buds … I wished that the man riding me from behind was pulling on my hair while his buddy had his own cock thrust between my lips…

“Rule #1,” I croaked out between breaths after we had both climaxed together.

“If I’m going to be tied up, so are you.”

"Do you want to watch him tie me up and use me like the sexy, little slut that I am???"
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