He would’ve given anything to drop to his knees and worship the boots on her feet…

Stuart has an incredible boot fetish, but it isn’t until he finds himself filling in as a stock boy at a local boutique that he begins to accept and really explore his kinky desires for such femme fatale footwear.

Confronting everything from femdom to boot worship to even a bit of chastity play, in a single weekend Stuart’s perspective on sexy boots is transformed … but will it also transform the relationship he has with his cute coworker who also has an inclination for leather boots???


“She’s inviting you to kiss her boots – if you want to, of course…”

His eyes widened and underneath his dress slacks, he could feel his dick begin to stir within the plastic cage.

“Go on – right on the toe,” April coaxed, adding with a smile, “I find it’s a good way for you to know whether you really got all of that polish wiped off!”

Stuart couldn’t believe what was happening, and yet almost subconsciously he found himself slowly leaning forward and bringing his lips to the shiny black leather that encased the woman’s slender foot in front of him. With his hands resting timidly in his lap, he then closed his eyes and a moment later felt the unique taste of boot leather brushing briskly up against his lips.

A surge raced through his body from his lips to his toes as he serenely connected with the object of his fetish desires, and yet as images of the woman in her tight skirt leering over him flooded his mind, he’d never felt more submissive and also more at peace with his fantasy.

A moment later he leaned back and opened his eyes, almost as if for the first time, and as he looked up at April, and then over to Crystal, he simply saw them smiling back at him.

"It's ok to be attracted to something of such beauty, and grace, and power..."
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