“So how far do you want to take this, lover?”

After buying a sexy, new pair of leather boots to entice her boyfriend’s fetish, Kim encourages her boyfriend Ryan to come out of his shell with some kinky foreplay that takes them on an exciting adventure as they learn more about each other’s fantasies and open the door to a whole new world of sexuality for them to explore together!


Ryan looked into Kim’s deep hazel eyes, adrift as to how to respond to her prompt.

“What … what do you mean???” he stammered as he felt her hot breath upon him.

Kim raised an eyebrow and asked him, “If I bought you a collar, would you wear it for me?”

He felt a shiver run down his spine as more of his fantasies rushed through his head.

“I think I’d do pretty much anything you told me to right now…” he told her honestly as he hung on her every word.

“Good,” Kim grinned. “So why don’t you get back on your knees and finish what you started, then we’ll go for a ride and see what we can find…”

"This is your fantasy, so just close your eyes, put your lips to my boots, and enjoy it..."
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  2. Kim’s Chastity Diary
  3. A Special Fitting
  4. Kim’s New Toy

TAGS: bondage, boot fetish, femdom, fetish, foot worship, nipple play, playful, spanking, submission

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