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Story Vault

Neighborly Bound, Part 4

5 mins ago

With her bondage now secured, Amy experiences all of the pleasures and frustrations that it has to offer…

Story Vault

Neighborly Bound, Part 3

3 days ago

As she grows more bold in her curiosity, Amy decides to try some self bondage of her own…

Story Vault

Neighborly Bound, Part 2

5 days ago

Amy’s nosiness leads her to discover even more of her neighbor’s kinky bondage collection…


The Domestic Domme

1 week ago

“There was something in him that just naturally had to submit … and she liked that very much.”


Transformed by Michele

2 weeks ago

“Sometimes I wish I knew what it felt like to be a girl…”

Story Vault

Rituals 2 – Hands-Free Submission

2 weeks ago

Just another quiet afternoon with electrodes on his genitals and clamps on his nipples…


Naughty Weekend Getaway

2 weeks ago

“Her pleasure is what’s most important!”

Story Vault

Rituals 1 – Wrapped Up for the Night…

3 weeks ago

“Will you gag me please???”

Free Stories

Neighborly Bound, Part 1

2 months ago

“So how tight do you want me to lace it?”

Cover Preview for Playing Dress-Up at the Mall (by KinkyWriter)
Story Vault Premium

Playing Dress-Up at the Mall

5 months ago

“I think you’d look cute in this one, Mark!”

Cover Preview for Woman in Control (by KinkyWriter)
Story Vault Premium

Woman in Control

7 months ago

“Put my shoe in your mouth.”


KinkyWriter Origins: My Love of Bondage…

9 months ago

My very first interests in bondage stemmed long before I even knew of its sexualized nature…

Cover Preview for She Demands Respect (by KinkyWriter)
Story Vault Premium

She Demands Respect

9 months ago

“So Kate told me that I could beat you…”


Kristine’s Kinky Threesome

9 months ago

“Kristine wants to see your chastity cage.”

Cover Preview for Kim's Chastity Diary (by KinkyWriter)
Story Vault Premium

Kim’s Chastity Diary

10 months ago

“It was almost just as much of a tease for me as it was for him!”