“You don’t need to cum.”

“You aren’t allowed to cum because you don’t need to cum,” Jessie scolded her husband as he knelt in front of the decadent woman wearing a clear silicone chastity cage around his dick and a black and blue leather collar around his neck, both of which were locked in place by a key that hung from a thin, gold chain around his wife’s ankle.

“I thought we were clear when I locked you into that thing that you were willing to sacrifice your orgasms to me because my pleasure is more important than yours is…” she continued as her sexy, peep-toed high heel dangled off of her sparkling red toes just inches away from his face.

Jessie snickered as she watched his eyes focus on the expensive, black patent leather shoe hypnotically as she spoke, knowing what she had to do in order to refocus his priorities away from his own dick and back onto her where they both agreed that they belong…

“Kiss the bottom of my shoe and tell me how important your orgasms are,” the woman demanded as she stared down at her submissive with an intense glare.

“But I…” Paul stammered, though he was quickly cutoff by his wife’s stern look.

“Lips on my shoe!” she told him bluntly, inching her foot closer as she slid her heel back in place and waited for her husband to properly pay her tribute.

Paul’s eyes immediately darted to the floor as Jessie corrected him, taking a deep breath as his body shuddered before he sheepishly leaned forward and pressed his lips to the bottom of his wife’s iconic, red-bottomed heel.

“My orgasms aren’t important, Mistress…” he mumbled, doing his best to keep his focus on his wife’s glare instead of the sexy, spiked heel hanging in front of his face.

“Go on…” she prodded, clearly not satisfied with his first offering.

“My pleasure is insignificant, Mistress,” he tried again, “because your pleasure is able to exist easily without my own.”

“And?” she added, cocking her head to the side with a raised eyebrow.

“My dick is locked away in chastity as a reminder of my inability to please you, Mistress.”

“Now you’re getting somewhere…” she nodded, parting her succulent, red painted lips as she stared down at him hungrily, still wishing for a bit more from her submissive before she carried on with her day.

“So once again,” she told him with a dominant sneer, “do you need to cum???”

Paul took another breath, still staring down his wife’s sexy shoe as he replied more confidently, “No, ma’am.”

“Are you allowed to cum???” she asked, pushing her foot more firmly against his lips as she spoke.

“Of course not, ma’am. It was wrong of me to even ask…”

Jessie then lifted her foot higher so that now the spiked heel of her shoe slipped between her submissive husband’s lips.

“Do men who kiss and suck on their wife’s high heels fuck women like me?” she asked pointedly as she watched Paul now gently sucking on the 5” heel on the bottom of her shoe.

“…no, ma’am…” he mumbled as best he could while keeping the stiletto heel in his mouth.

“Do men who wear chastity cages locked around their pathetic, little dicks like that fuck women like me???”

Her husband winced to himself as again he mumbled, “…no, ma’am…” with his attention locked on the high heel directly in front of him.

“I’m glad that we have an understanding again,” she then reported matter-of-factly as she suddenly pulled her foot away from him and placed it once again on the floor.

Abruptly standing up and walking over to the drawers where the couple stored their kinky toys, Jessie next retrieved two items and quickly brought them back into her husband’s view. In one hand, the woman held a small bottle of her favorite water-based lubricant, and in the other she carried a dildo gag with a rather large, purple cock extending from the business end of the toy.

“Now before I head out to meet the girls,” Jessie told him directly as she leaned forward and pushed the smaller, gag-sized dildo between her husband’s lips, “I think you could use one more reminder of just how insignificant that thing hanging between your legs is to my pleasure!”

Roughly buckling the dildo gag’s thick, leather strap behind his head, Jessie then locked it in place with another small padlock that matched the ones already around his collar and chastity cage before squirting a generous amount of the lube into her hand and applying it to the purple toy that now extended comically out of her submissive husband’s face, ready to please her in ways that they both knew his own much smaller dick never could…

Discretely sliding her panties down her legs and kicking them to the corner, the woman spread her legs and glared down at him, gesturing him to move forward like he had done a hundred times before until the head of the 8” purple cock pressed firmly against her pussy. With a dismissive smirk, she reached down and helped to guide it inside of her with one hand and then leaned back in her chair, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation of the rubber toy filling her to the hilt until her husband’s cheeks pressed against her thighs.

“There we go – that’s better…” she purred as Paul began to slowly bob back and forth between his dominant wife’s legs, watching up close as the dildo on his face slid welcomingly between her wet folds as the scent of her arousal made him twinge helplessly in his chastity cage.

As humiliating as it was to hear his wife begin to moan as she used the dildo gag for pleasure while he knelt before her, reduced to little more than a cock holder while his own was rendered unnecessary as it strained hopelessly inside of its cage, the act of menial service left him wildly turned on, albeit denied while her own pleasure was made his one and only focus, as was the intention.

“Mmmmmmm – that’s what a real cock is supposed to feel like…” Jessie groaned as she began massaging her clit with one hand while she gripped the side of her chair firmly with the other, encouraging Paul to increase his speed as he obediently swayed back and forth in a steady motion while she savored all that her position over him afforded her.

The exchange between them continued to intensify as the wife felt her body starting to tingle while her submissive fucked her with the cock strapped to his face, watching her tremble as she rubbed her clit furiously with her entire body gyrating in a special way that made his dick strain against the confines of its silicone prison, desperate for a release that she would deny him over and over again in favor of her own orgasm that finally came crashing down around him as she suddenly clamped her thighs around his head to hold the 8” rubber cock deep inside of her as she came.

“Oh godddd – that feels nice!” she laughed out loud as she dug her fingers into her husband’s hair, squeezing his head a while longer as every inch of her body tensed until at last she released him with a gentle push that had him falling back on his knees as the purple dildo slid back out of her, now covered with a sticky mess of her slick juices as it wiggled freely on his face.

Jessie took a few moments to gather herself, a pleasant smile now upon her red lips as she stood up and retrieved her panties from the floor, sliding them up her legs before finally looking back at her pitiful husband still kneeling with her toy locked amusingly around his face. Staring down at Paul with a satisfied smirk, she reached out and touched the tip of the dildo that stuck out from his face, snickering as it bobbed up and down on his face before turning away.

“That was great and all,” Jessie told him as she plucked her black leather purse off of a nearby shelf and hung it over her shoulder, “but I’m still upset that you had the audacity to ask me to let you cum earlier when you’re the one who begged for all of this in the first place.”

She added before turning to walk towards the door, “So you’re going to wear that gag around the house for the next couple of hours while I’m gone in hopes that maybe the constant reminder of my juices dripping from that huge cock in front of your face will help to drive home what your place in our little relationship here truly is…”

“Try to get a few chores done while I’m away…” she told him over her shoulder as she left the house, “…including any mess that might’ve dripped out of your cage when you were hard at work for your mistress!”

With that the door slammed shut and Paul was left alone, collared and locked in chastity with his mouth trapped around one end of the dildo gag, the much more sizable end still glistening as Jessie’s delicious juices hung just out of reach underneath his nose as he knelt contemplating his role and what he could to do return to his wife’s good graces before she got home.

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