Club Mephisto – Clamps, Crops, and Spikes (Part 2 of 4)

The dominant woman put an enthusiastic level of curiosity into considering their first play space as she slowly walked the floor between stations, intrigued by her options while her husband obediently followed behind her footsteps without a single word spoken.

Was she up for a suspension bondage demo that would end with an opportunity to give her sub a good fucking in the ass with a strap-on?

Or did she feel more like lounging with the other dommes while he took his place at her feet pampering her in competition to see which woman had the best service at her disposal?

After making a full circle to consider each and every one of her delicious options, the both of them growing more turned on with every scene that they witnessed in passing while she contemplated his fate, Mistress Elizabeth eventually settled on a station featuring a St. Andrew’s Cross to which she could bind her submissive before subjecting him to the exciting array of teases and tortures that had been hung nearby at her ready…

This story was written for Smutathon 2019 – follow the link above to read the full story.


TAGS: bdsm, domination, femdom, pain play, sex club, smutathon

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