Rachel reviewed the final votes for that night’s show while she calmly sipped her tea and watched the clock on the wall slowly creep towards 9pm.

The results seemed intriguing this week, though she was trying to contain her excitement in order to save her salacious enthusiasm for the show…

For the past two years, the young woman in her early 30s had lived a life about which she certainly could never complain. She lived alone in a beautiful waterfront home in Northern California with a playful dog and nearly all of the free time of a trophy wife but without the pesky, overcompensating husband, and it was all afforded to her by a simple commitment of a few hours of unadulterated access to the heart of her sexuality each week … something that she had become quite in tune with that eventually led her to her current career choice.

Sure, lots of women had discovered the secret to making money online by flirting with kinky men and giving them a little personalized taste on screen of what seemed all but unattainable in their real lives, but two years ago Rachel had decided to take the concept a step further by actually giving those men (and women) control … even if only for a short while each week…

Her plan had started off small with a simple vibrator that she had connected to her computer and a pair of handcuffs, but as her audience grew after that fateful late night when she allowed 14 random strangers to get her off while she sat in front of her webcam with her hands cuffed behind her back, Rachel took quick note that her desire to play with the finer toys in life was shared even more so by her fans, and as she proceeded to reinvest nearly all of the donations that she had received into more sophisticated toys and a more alluring wardrobe for her to wear on air, her audience reciprocated ten-fold and quickly she found herself with more than she knew what to do with as her closet became filled with latex and leather, and the spare bedroom in her apartment was converted into a makeshift dungeon studio.

This story was written exclusively for Gromet’s Plaza and can be found in its entirety here:

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TAGS: corsets, electroplay, exhibitionism, forced orgasms, nipple play, self bondage

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