It’s About Quality…

Sometimes I can’t help but laugh when people make the comment, “Why would anyone pay for pornography when there’s so much of it on the Internet for free?!”

Both condescendingly and seriously, it makes me wonder what kinds of porn that they look at … though not enough to actually dive down that rabbit hole!

I mean, sure, there are tons and tons and tons of pictures and videos that can be found absolutely free online, and I’m not even talking about stolen content here, but at the same time I think that the old adage applies – 90% of it is crap because, well, 90% of everything is crap. And maybe the slush pile is fine if you’re merely interested in random dicks and vaginas to get you off in 30 seconds or less, but over the years if there’s one thing that I’ve learned about adult content on the Internet, it’s that you get what you pay for and at least around the realms of bondage and fetish content, it’s always been very obvious to me what not paying for it really gets you…

Photo shoots of “fetish girls” who’ve clearly never worn a ball gag prior to the actual shoot … bondage gear that more closely resembles the cheap knock-offs that come out of China than anything a respectable leathercrafter would ever sell … corsets that are laced so loosely it’s a wonder that they’re even staying on the model’s body at all … and even dialog that sounds like it was taken off the back of a cereal box by a five year-old who hasn’t quite grasped the concept of polysyllabic words yet!

I don’t know about you, but I actually enjoy things in general more when I know that the people who created them actually gave a shit about the things that they do and weren’t simply in it to collect a paycheck. And I’m sure that most of the makers of that 90% don’t even realize how painfully visible it shows when their model’s ball gag is on the wrong side of her lips or when people start to realize that an amateur female dominant really only says the same five things over and over again in each of her 150 videos on Clips4Sale, but I notice and I like to think that there are plenty of other kinky netizens out there who cringe when they come across this stuff in their perusals for quality kink content on the net, too.

I get excited when I find a new fetish site that actually uses upscale leather gear that I know costs hundreds of dollars per piece, or videos that are actually intriguing to watch because it’s clear that someone put a little thought into the script instead of just writing it off because ‘it’s porn – it doesn’t need a script’. I like not only knowing that the rigger in a bondage scene really knew what she was doing, but also that the model herself had an equally enjoyable time working with him because she enjoys bondage, not just the paycheck that comes from letting some weirdo tie you up in front of a camera because that’s where the money is right now. It’s that attention to detail and that dedication to quality that a creator really can’t fake – you either care about your subject enough to put in the very best or you don’t – it’s as simple as that…

And I hope that’s the impression that people get when they read my stories around here, too, because honestly that’s kind of a big reason why I started writing them in the first place. The writers who I was personally a fan of years ago slowly became few and far between, and eventually I started to realize that if I really wanted to see bondage erotica in the specific light that appealed to me, the best way might actually be to write some myself. I enjoy writing about this stuff because I enjoy bondage and leather and all sorts of different fetishes in general – I love looking at the types of pictures and watching the videos that I just described that depict passionate people exploring their sexualities, and I love seeing and touching and experiencing those same types of things firsthand in my own personal life, too.

And of course, I suppose that one way differs from some of what I’ve said here is that all of the stories here on the site itself are completely free, but over time I’m also trying to use that model to expose people to my books and other projects that I’m hoping to make a living from further on down the road. Sure, I could probably write more than one story a week if I did things a little differently or was willing to cut some corners here and there, but that’s not the kind of writing that I want to write because that’s not the kind of writing that I want to read.

There’s a saying that I like that goes something like this – “You can eat steak once a week, or you can eat hamburgers every day.”

Hamburgers will fill you up just the same, but when we’re talking about something that I really enjoy … something that I want to savor every last bite and look forward to when I’ll get to have it again, I’d much rather take the time to go out to a nice steakhouse than simply hit up the McDonald’s drive-thru to get my fill.

And that’s not to say that the fast food fetish model isn’t fine for people who only want exactly that, but I want more and from the looks of my bookmarks that have built up over the years, I’m not alone in my search for quality in the kink that I want to see online.



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