What I LOVE About My Favorite Kinks…

Love is in the air today, and with any luck in your bedroom tonight, too!

Nothing says romance like being strapped down to the bed and ridden like a bronco until the neighbors either call in a noise complaint or bring over a ballgag to shut you up! Our kinks are the spice of our sexualities, so on this Valentine’s Day I thought I’d share a little insight into some of my own personal all-time favorite kinks and what precisely I enjoy about each one…

I love both the feeling of restraint coupled with the idea of giving up control to another person. I also have a very special affinity for all things leather, so the simple beauty in well-made leather cuffs and gags and other sexy restraints is very alluring to me on top of their usual function.

Sweet denial. Talk about a great mindfuck, to lock up your most private of areas and take away the ability to even touch yourself, only to hand the key over to someone who’s encouraged to tease and torment you in all of your newfound sexual helplessness. Delicious!

Strong women are intoxicating! The way that they carry themselves and demand the attention of anyone in their wake, it’s no surprise that dialogue of discipline and worship and devotion and power flow so effortlessly from their domineering lips. It’s a persona that I can’t get enough of and I love writing about because the archetype is so iconic and fulfilling.

For me, cuckolding is the culmination of female domination and worship and chastity and humiliation all balled up into one sublime act of ultimate denial. She enjoys a carnal pleasure while he wallows in an anxious jealousy, and in turn the D/s bond between them grows even stronger as a result. The emotional tension is the cake; amazing sex is the icing on top!

Boot Fetish
The perfect visual of grace and dominance – a sexy pair of knee-high leather boots has always been synonymous with BDSM for me, and in addition to demanding worship and adoration, they also look great with some coils of rope around them on a submissive’s feet!

Take the most sensitive part of yourself and hand it over to a dominant you trust to poke and prod at it. A decade ago I don’t think I ever would’ve imagined being aroused by erotic humiliation, but today I see it as simply another tool in a dominant’s repertoire to enhance the experience that they give to their submissives.

Nipple Play
A wise man once said that the nipples are the gateway to a submissive’s soul. There are no wandering eyes when you’ve got someone by the nipples, and their placement puts a domme at the perfect height to stare deep into their owner’s eyes as she digs her shiny nails into that soft, tender flesh and truly savor every moment of his agony…

Leather Fetish
And of course, my creme de la creme – the sensual touch that embodies BDSM through my eyes, with its smooth and rich feel and its sharp, yet comforting aroma. Leather has this odd way of making just about anything seem erotic for me, whether it’s elevating a dominant woman or rendering her submissive utterly helpless or even simply serving as an innocent fashion accessory to an unknowing passerby.

As they say, find yourself someone who looks at you the way that KinkyWriter looks at leather! 😉

So tell me – what made you fall in love with your favorite kinks?



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