It was always one of Dan’s deepest fantasies to be cuckolded by his wife.

Every now and then, Kristen would indulge him with a little roleplaying like teasing him about hooking up with an ex while he was at work or even buying a toy and moaning out another man’s name while she made him kneel at the side of the bed and watch!

But it wasn’t until the Caribbean cruise that the married couple took together when Dan and Kristen both found themselves embracing cuckolding more than they ever could’ve imagined in a day at sea that started with a playful fantasy and ended up transforming their marriage with a whirlwind of male chastity, and overwhelming tease and denial, and excruciating sexual humiliation all culminating with Kristen’s acceptance of the dominant vixen who she learns wanted her husband’s cuckolding fantasy to come true just as much as he did.


Rules for Serving as Kristen’s Cuckold

#1 – In order to show respect for his wife’s sexual superiority, the cuckold will only refer to her by her maiden name. For example, “Thank you for cuckolding me, Miss Davis…”

#2 – The cuckold agrees that due to his sexual inadequacy, his wife has the express authority to keep him locked in chastity and denied any sexual pleasure for as long as she chooses to seek her own pleasure in the arms of other men.

#3 – Placing his wife’s sexual pleasure above his own, the cuckold submits that his wife is both permitted and encouraged to explore her sexuality by spending time with other men whom she finds attractive, including but not limited to publicly flirting, kissing, and intimate touches; romantic caresses, teasing, and dancing; giving and receiving oral sex; and enjoying full sexual intercourse, with or without the use of condoms, at her sole discretion.

#4 – The cuckold will remain silent unless spoken to, particularly in the event that the wife is approached by another man whom she is interested in. Under no circumstance is the cuckold to interrupt or interfere with witnessing his wife flirting with another man, no matter how excruciating or humiliating it may be.

#5 – The cuckold should always remember how lucky he is to be indentured to his beautiful, dominant wife. He is lucky to worship at her feet, he is lucky to wear her cage around his pathetic dicklet, and he’s lucky that she entertains his fantasies about her being sexually satisfied by bigger and better men than he could ever be…

The cuckold may accept these rules, along with any anguish and jealousy and arousal that will accompany them, by kneeling at his wife’s feet and repeating the cuckold’s mantra until she grants him permission to kiss them.

“You deserve a real man who can satisfy you while your husband’s pathetic dicklet remains locked away in chastity.”

“Please allow me to worship at your feet while you walk this ship in search of a superior lover.”

“Thank you, Miss Davis, for the honor of making me your cuckold.”

"Thank you, Miss Davis, for the honor of making me your cuckold."
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