KinkyWriter Print Books Are Now Available!

I’ve been back and forth about doing these for years, but now here we are, and although I’m probably a little biased … I think that my new erotica print books turned out pretty great!

The reason that I finally decided to publish paperback versions of some of my longer titles is quite frankly because even though I’ve written hundreds of erotic stories over the last 10 years, you sure wouldn’t know it by looking at my bookshelf…

Before I started dabbling in erotica, I published a few print books in other genres and even though admittedly they didn’t sell very well, they gave me an immense sense of accomplishment because there’s just something about being able to hold that book in your hand as a tangible version of the creative work that you’ve done.

I mean, I love digital publishing. It’s fast, the hurdles are few and far between, and it’s vastly more accessible than physically printing your words on pieces of paper and then having to shuffle them all around the globe wherever there are people who want to read them. Not to mention libraries and bookstores … though their numbers may be sadly dwindling today, many of us got hooked on books by spending time wandering those shelves in search of just the right title to pop out at us and subsequently entertain or educate us for hours on end!

Plus, it’s far easier to gift a book to someone else if you can actually just hand it to them and say, “I really got off on this pervy stuff, and I thought you might like it, too!”

So although ebooks continue to be my bread and butter and I really have no expectation of that changing short of the world suddenly getting thrown back into the dark ages, I’m going to also be pushing out a few print versions here and there for people who just love that fresh paperback smell or want the opportunity to collect some of their favorite erotica on their own bookshelves at home!

As of right now, you can find my first three KinkyWriter print books available on Amazon:

I’m working on some options for those of you interested in purchasing autographed copies, so stay tuned for that!

Of course, another way for you to get yourself a new book signed by yours truly is to…

Enter the KinkyWriter Print Book Debut Giveaway!

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Sign up for my free email newsletter. Or become a supporter on Patreon.
  2. And that’s it!

Entries will be accepted through midnight on Thursday, May 7, 2020, after which I’ll draw names from everyone who either receives my newsletter or pledges on Patreon and three lucky winners will receive a personalized copy of one of my new print books!

No purchase is necessary to win. I’ll ship to anywhere in the world as my way of saying thank you for reading and being a fan of my kinky erotica. I’ll even let the winners pick which of the three new books they’d like to receive. 🙂

For anyone who picks up a copy, either through the giveaway or ordering through Amazon, I sincerely hope that you enjoy how they turned out as much as I do because it was really important for me to make sure that these books could hold their own on your shelves next to literary greats and your other favorite smut writers just the same.

Anyone who claims that erotica doesn’t have any literary value has never fantasized about being on the business end of a leather-clad dominatrix with a steel chastity cage locked around their genitals… 😉



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