How I Write Erotica, Part 1 – Getting Started…

I’m a big fan of artists sharing glimpses into the making of their craft, be it through studio/office space tours or sharing of notes or even taking the time to walk through the processes that they use to do the things that they do.

2014 is stacking up to be a pretty big year for me. I’ve got a ton of new books on the docket that I want to crank out in an attempt to shed my day job by the end of the year, not to mention I want to continue posting the free stories here on this site that you’ve all come to know and love, and as I was considering what I wanted to do with my monthly editorial space here over the next 12 months, I thought it might be fun to spend the first couple of them taking a look over how *I* do things for those like-minded individuals who are into that kind of stuff, whether you’re a writer of sorts yourself or maybe you just have a thing for seeing how the hamburger is actually made… 😉

Of course, it probably comes as no surprise to you that it all starts with an idea!

I get my ideas from all sorts of different places…

A considerable amount of my brainstorming happens via Tumblr these days. I follow upwards of 150 different bloggers on Tumblr that post and reblog countless kinky photos every single day, a handful – give or take – of which always seem to catch my eye and end up reblogged on my own Tumblr as well. And you’d be surprised at just how many of them end up making their way into full-blown stories – maybe it’s a picture of a strict hogtie or even just a pair of really nice high heels … occasionally a visual manages to spark a fire that ends up growing into an entire story around it, and then suddenly a few hours later I’ve got a fun, little narrative based on that picture of a woman dressed in leather or maybe even nothing at all…

Random observations are also a big one, whether it’s something that I notice walking around the mall or see while I’m watching TV or maybe even an out of context line overheard that put into the right context would actually be very sexy! In a way, this is sometimes how innocent bystanders wind up getting anonymously roped into the things that I write because when I pass by the most perfect pair of boots that just scream, “Worship me!” or that waitress gives a little wink that in reality is likely just fishing for a nice tip, those are the kinds of cues that give my mind a starting point so that now instead of just having a blank piece of paper in front of me, I’ve got something to work with in those innocent, red lips or that fine, Italian boot leather.

New bondage gear is an obvious one, be it browsing through some of my favorite sites online or even once it’s shown up on my front porch – there’s just nothing quite like feeling that cool leather and the intimidating straps in your hands or hearing the jingle of a new pair of nipple clamps in the flesh to really get the blood pumping! And don’t get me wrong, the vast majority of the stories that I write here are 100% fictional … but many of them are still based on things that I’ve experienced in real life, even if it’s just having played with some of the cool toys firsthand… 😉

Masturbation, to be perfectly honest, tends to be a pretty great source for me because if I find myself lying in bed immersed in one of those fantasies that you desperately don’t want to get woken from, chances are it might end up making a decent story as well once I’ve finished things up and managed to make myself presentable enough to get myself in front of a keyboard. Besides, it’s also just good quality control to test my stories out before I share them with everyone else … no different than any other reputable business!

And finally, a perverted mind is a terrible thing to waste because to be honest with you, sometimes this stuff just pops into my mind – often at the most inappropriate of times – and suddenly I’m walking through the grocery store or sitting in traffic when I realize that being mounted to a wall like a trophy might make for some interesting predicament bondage or that there’s a certain allure to be found in the notion of a professional masseuse who goes a little above and beyond with the married women that make up his client base! Granted, it can often times be a little distracting to be walking down the soup aisle with visions of dildos and bondage hoods in one’s head, but hey, this is my curse and all I can really do is choose exactly how I put it to use.

How am I doing so far?! 😉

I guess the one place that I don’t get ideas from is that I don’t really do any sort of “market research” to try and take advantage of what’s hot at a given moment because, well, I honestly don’t have the slightest idea how a woman would fuck a Tyrannosaurus anyways, so I would only be doing a disservice to the inter-species prehistoric sex fetishists out there for even trying to write about it!

Both for better and for worse, my own personal mantra is to simply write what you know, and if it’s good enough, rest assured that on a planet of 7 billion people, you can’t possibly be the only pervert who’s into whatever you happen to be into. Frankly, I think that a lot of people who are writing erotica right now just because that’s what sells are a big part of what gives this genre a bad name because when readers flip through the pages of random books and see a story that was crapped out not because the writer was actually passionate about their work but because they were simply trying to ride the coattails of the latest hit without any regard for the actual topic, that’s where stereotypes are born that all erotica is crap and so on and so forth…

But that’s a much larger political discussion for another day! 

My main point here was simply to say that when I sit down to write a new story, I write about the types of things that I know and that I enjoy, and then I just see where they go from there. And of course, getting that initial idea is only the very beginning of the writing process – from there it’s still a whole ordeal of varying proportions to actually get the words down on the paper in a manner that actually resembles something titillating … which coincidentally is what we’re going to talk more about next month! 😀

In the meantime, feel free to drop me a tweet if there’s something specific about my writing that you’d like for me to include in this little series, or likewise if there’s anything else that you’d be curious about my commentary on once we’re ready to move on!

(click here for Part 2 of How I Write Erotica … The Planning…)



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