A Love Letter to My Favorite Erotic Writers…

On this day dedicated to passion and love, I thought it might be fitting for me to pay a bit of gratitude to the writers in this genre who’ve inspired me over the years – I write the kinky things that I do thanks to you!

Long before photo sets and full length videos circulated online for every possible fetish and desire known to man, it was pretty much just words that got me hooked on so many of the kinks that I enjoy today. This was a time when the Internet was just starting to be a thing, and all of these new kinks that I was discovering were both strange and arousing, but thanks to the creative writing of a few passionate perverts, I was able to learn about the allures of tight ropes and straps, the curious intrigue of tease and denial, and even about the complex interactions between a dominant and her submissive.

Below are what I consider to be my five favorite erotic stories of all-time because not only did they come from this early era of kinky storytelling that was so influential on my life, but each of these authors just does an outstanding job of describing all of the bondage gear and fetishwear and emotional responses that come together to make their characters experiences so vivid and enjoyable. They’re the type of stories that really leave you itching for the next encounter, and they each have their own unique ways of highlighting why their characters love to tie each other up and tease and torture each other with so much delight.

If the erotic stories that I write have half the impact on my readers that these titillating tales had on me, I’ll sleep well knowing that my life’s work has been a rousing success! Enjoy…

The Perils of Batgirl, Part IIby The Weatherman
Quite possibly the very first bondage story that I ever read, this kinky adventure took the Batgirl that I knew from the classic 60s TV show and put her in some more interesting situations! This story has a little bit of everything – self-bondage with some particularly devious fetishwear, elaborate bondage scenes between the delicious Catwoman and her captives, and lots of predicament bondage that you could easily picture as cliff hangers that episodes of the original show might end on.

Will Batgirl break free from the excruciating bondage of her cruel captors?! Tune in next time!

Believe it or not, it wasn’t until only a year or two ago that I connected the dots and realized that The Weatherman credited for writing this amazing story is in fact Jim Weathers, the amazing bondage photographer whose camera work I’ve enjoyed nearly as long as this story itself! Fun bonus – if you want to see some awesome bondage sets that he’s since created around these and other superheroine tales, you can find all sorts of tight bondage featurettes over at the Bondage Cafe. 😉

The Adventures of Terri & Jennifer – by Terri
Based on a series of letters that were originally printed in the classic kinky magazine Bondage Life, this is another serial that I stumbled upon quite early as I began exploring kink in my own way. Not having anyone to share these desires with, I loved the idea of self-bondage that one could use to temporarily indulge in such restrictions all by themselves … even though so many of these stories always seemed to end with someone else discovering them after making their knots too tight or leaving their keys too far away!

Fortunately in this case, after Jennifer found Terri self bound in a tight hogtie, the two went on to tie each other for many great stories to come…

The Beautiful Trap – by D.L. Moore
Drawn to a mysterious woman with an addiction to corsets, an unassuming man soon finds himself succumbing to her passions as she fits him with one corset after another – each accompanied by even more stringent bondage than the one before! Sometimes they share a D/s exchange, sometimes they share in their helplessness together, and by the end of the 12-part series, they also happen to fall madly in love with one another … a kinky fairytale at its finest! 

Bosom Bondage Buddies – by Brandy Dewinter
Curiosities about crossdressing drew me to this one, between all of the talk around corsets and shimmery satin, so then to add bondage on top of that – it served as a great example that kinky relationships can be so much more than just whips and chains, not to mention how intimate the dominant and submissive roles can be as the couple featured explores their hidden desires together.

Jesse’s Birthday – by Captured
And last but certainly not least, what starts as an intimate birthday gift for his girlfriend unexpectedly becomes an intense and unyielding weekend of femdom torture as a girl finds herself duly challenged to break her loving boyfriend with a myriad of spanking implements and extreme bondage positions. I absolutely loved reading about the leather hood and straitjacket that his girlfriend’s best friend cinches him beyond tight into, and the way that the birthday girl’s budding sadism shines as she talks herself out of feeling pity for him is wonderfully hot!



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