Exploring the Cuckolding Fantasy…

You may have noticed that more and more new stories about this particular topic have started popping up on this site over the last couple months.

In a way, believe me – I’m just as surprised as you!

I suppose you could say that cuckolding fell upon my own radar as sort of an extension of domination – once a female dominant has gone the distance with chastity and taking pleasure in the tease and denial that comes along with it, it almost seemed like a natural progression to then consider the psychological impact of not only holding such strict control of somebody else, but then flexing that grip even further by seeking pleasure from another and also flaunting it all along the way.

And the one stumbling block that I’ve personally run into when exploring these diabolically dominant thoughts on the written page is that with cuckolding it seems like there’s a fine line to walk between exploiting that fantasy for all of its humiliating glory and allowing a new relationship to spawn that ends up decimating the original in a vain attempt to twist the knife deeper and deeper…

To give you an example, I’ve read more than a handful of cuckolding stories that start out rather endearing, with a couple delving into this world together to push their D/S relationship to new heights, but over time the woman ends up growing more and more attached to her new boyfriend, or even more common, the bull wants to build a more stable relationship with the cuckold’s wife without much regard for the cuckold himself. And granted, this can provide an interesting dynamic for a while with the bull putting his own demands on the wife or maybe whisking her off for a private getaway while her husband is left behind to wallow in his own inadequacy.

The problem seems, though, that as these stories tend to progress, the only way to continue to push the cuckolding envelope is with more and more denial, sometimes even going so far as to see the woman move in with her bull, getting married, etc… … and I guess that’s where it stops being sexy for me because quite frankly, divorce isn’t sexy! Sure, I suppose in some twisted way one could argue that a woman finally leaving her husband for a better man could be deemed as the ultimate display of cuckolding domination, but to me instead that just seems really sad and depressing, and whenever I finish reading a story like that I find myself having to step back and take a long, hard look at this type of fantasy and whether it’s something that I actually want to write about myself.

And as you can see by the growing number of stories surrounding this topic, I guess you could say that I’ve managed to come to terms with these struggles at least to some extent for my own creative purposes!

If I had to narrow it down to one rule that I’m trying to follow with the cuckolding stories that I’ve written to date, it’s that the bull is simply another tool in the female dominant’s toy box for her to use on her submissive … pun intended! 😉 And it’s not that I don’t want the bull to have a personality of his own, but more so that I just don’t want to see his personality overshadow those of the real stars of the story – the woman and her sub. I want him to express desires and show emotion, but almost in the same way that a safe word is used in BDSM, I still want the woman to be the driving force behind the arrangement in a way to keep the core relationship safe between her and her husband.

To me it’s kind of like the difference between cuckolding and cheating – cuckolding is sexy because there’s an active element of dominance and humiliation maintained with her husband throughout the whole ordeal, whereas cheating is just her fucking around with other men … not quite as sexy, in my humble opinion!

In a way it’s kind of a dangerous world to dabble in, and yet maybe that’s also what makes it kind of exciting at the same time. Though I’m trying not to let every single story I post be centered around this topic, I won’t deny that the art of cuckolding is one that intrigues me a great deal at the moment so I hope that you enjoy some of the stories that have come out of fantasizing about just such an arrangement. So far I feel like I’ve only just grazed the surface, namely for fear of crossing that very line myself … I think it’s going to take some time to figure out how to delve a little deeper with my own writing in a way that stays true to my own beliefs on how to keep cuckolding a sexy fantasy and not turn it into a divorce-laden tragedy!

But that said, I do have some ideas lingering around for more long-form tales which would almost be required to address that kind of thing simply due to their length, so just keep reading and I suppose we’ll see how the world of cuckolding unfolds in my little corner of erotic fiction here together. 🙂


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