Neighborly Bound, Part 1

“So you want me to put this on you?”

Amy curiously examined the black leather bondage hood that her friend had casually handed her as he sat anxiously beside her, awaiting the cute blonde’s decision.

Feeling the soft, yet firm leather as she ran her fingertips along the expertly sewn seams that were meant to cover the wearer’s face, the girl eventually shrugged, “Why not?!” and gestured for her neighbor to turn away from her as she oriented the imposing device in her hands before holding it up for him to lean into…

The blonde couldn’t help but smile with intrigue as the mask fit around her friend’s face like a glove, boasting openings only for his nose and mouth, although she assumed that the matching leather gag plug was meant to snap over his mouth and leave only his nostrils left for breathing.

“So how tight do you want me to lace it?” she asked studiously as she pulled the black leather around his head and the eyelets down the backside of the hood began to fall into place down the back of his head.

As the hood already took snugly to his skull, the wearer replied calmly, “As tight as you can make it…” through the hole that was left in the leather around his lips.

Amy raised her eyebrows in wonder before taking the two laces in her hands and pulling the initial slack free, carefully threading one lace over the other down the eyelets on each side as the creaks of the leather filled the room with each new pull. Taking her time as her friend quietly sat in his unique bondage, the girl found herself impressed by how the leather had completely overtaken the man’s figure and replaced it with a smooth and provocative leather surface that grew tighter with each pull of the heavy laces behind his head.

“I’m running out of string…” she mentioned as she neared the last few eyelets near the back of the man’s neck, to which her captive simply replied, “there’s plenty – you just have to pull them tighter…”

The girl smirked in response as she stared down the back of the already seemingly taut leather, but after a moment her fingertips returned to the topmost loops and dipped between them, this time pulling far more aggressively as in fact several more inches of slack were produced with the leather creaking even more tightly around the wearer’s skull.

“How’s that?” Amy smiled as she did the same with the next set of loops, then the next, eliciting only a murmur of satisfaction from her friend as the bondage hood now relentlessly encased his head with the blonde intently pulling every inch of slack that she could from each set of loops before moving down the back of his head to the next.

This time reaching the nape of the man’s neck with more than enough of the laces leftover to tie them into a nice bow, Amy was rather proud of her work as she ran her fingers down the edges of the hood and noted how they barely left any gap at all, running parallel from the top of his head down to the base of his neck where she had knotted the taut laces off triumphantly.

“Better?” she asked with a playful smirk, only then turning him back towards her and realizing the full extent of her work as she saw that his eyes were now completely hidden behind the tight, black leather, with only his mouth peeking out of the hole surrounded by snaps which quickly drew her down to the corresponding gag that he had left on the coffee table.

Amy picked up the padded leather gag and examined it with an equal curiosity, then announced nonchalantly, “I’m going to assume that this goes here…” as she held the plug up to her friend’s lips and pushed it into his mouth with delight until the entire two inches of padding filled his lips and the snaps on the outside of the plug began to align with those surrounding his mouth on the hood itself.

She leaned in as she carefully pressed one together over the center of his cheek, then quickly worked her way around the gag plug, enjoying the satisfying *snap* that each one made until it had once again become part of the bondage hood that he was wearing and any attempt at protest that he dared to make would’ve been feeble at best and more likely just useless.

Running her hands freely over the now leather-encased face of her next door neighbor with glee, Amy would’ve never imagined that the seemingly quiet boy was into something kinky like bondage, yet before her she observed an intriguing calm as he sat quietly next to her on the sofa without a word of protest while she casually explored this strange helplessness that he had invited her to partake in that otherwise uneventful evening.

Glancing down at the coffee table again, she found one last item – what appeared to be a collar made of thicker and more unyielding leather – and as she took it in her hands, the buckles and D-rings on the device admittedly gave her a bit of a chill as its heft added a new depth to the soft, yet tight touch of the bondage hood that she had just finished lacing up.

As Amy lifted the special collar up to her neighbor’s neck, she noticed it was curved in a manner that made him straighten his head up tall as she wrapped it into place over top of the edges of the leather hood that was already in place.

Shifting back behind her captive, she needed both hands to fit the collar snugly in place and then cinch down each of the two buckles that held the device in place. It wasn’t until after they were snug that she realized the collar had also served to cover up the ends of the laces to his hood, meaning that there would be no removing that unless the collar first was unbuckled.

Giving a gentle tug on one of the D-rings on the side of her new plaything’s neck, the girl’s curiosity continued to build as she took note of two small, brass padlocks that were left on the corner of the table. As they were already unlocked, Amy studied bondage before her until at last her eyes lit up upon noticing a small, distinct loop on the tip of each buckle that sure enough was the perfect size for one of the padlocks to slide through.

She slid both into place and let them dangle for a moment, considering that while she didn’t see any keys in sight, she could always ungag her friend to ask where they were at a later time.

Then feeling a bit mischievous as the two locks stared back at her, Amy grinned to herself as she clicked each of the padlocks shut through the hasps to her friend’s collar, thus effectively locking all of this newfound bondage of his firmly into place.

For the next five or ten minutes, she spoke not a word as she sat quietly next to her friend who also sat simply with his hands in his lap, taking in all of the overwhelming sensations that his deprivation at the hand of his cute neighbor had unexpectedly brought him that evening. She watched as his breathing seemed intensified through the tiny holes underneath his nostrils in the mask, and she wondered what the leather plug stuffed between his lips actually tasted like.

Having put so much work herself into creating his helplessness, Amy had no intention of bringing it all to an end so early, and thus after she stood up and left him alone in his living room while she disappeared to use the bathroom, she couldn’t help but think to herself as she peered into her friend’s bedroom across the hall…

“I wonder what other fun toys you’ve got to play with around here…”

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