The day was September 30th, and Michael was feverishly beating his dick at his wife’s feet while she occasionally glanced down from her phone to shake her head in bewilderment and offer up another humiliating jab at his expense…

“Are you going to cum or not?!”

“You’d better hurry up because once the clock strikes midnight, that thing is mine…”

The truth was that Michael had already came that day – seventeen times, to be precise – with the reason for his latest delay in gratification because his dick was nearly raw and by that point his balls felt like they couldn’t usher forth another drop of cum if their freedom depended on it … which in this case, it actually did, for when the clock on the wall did strike midnight and the calendar turned the page from September to October, Michael would officially find himself at the mercy of the kinky holiday that he’d spent all year begging his wife to let him take part in.

Locktober – a play on the month of October for submissives specifically interested in chastity play.

The challenge was to spend the entire month with one’s genitals locked up tight in a chastity device, meaning no sex and definitely no masturbation!

This story was written for Smutathon 2020 – follow the link above to read the full story and while you’re there, consider a donation for our charity this year – Endometriosis UK.


TAGS: chastity, femdom, humiliation, masturbation, smutathon

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