My Pleasure, His Pain

He tells me how much it turns him on to see me prioritizing my pleasure over his pain.

But we’ve played this game so many times before now, it’s hard not to smile when I know exactly what I have to look forward to once he’s all buckled down and strapped into place…

…and I am, too!

It does make me happy to watch him drifting off into subspace as I buckle his favorite black and red leather cuffs around his wrists and his ankles as he sits reclined in the converted dental chair while I gently, yet firmly secure him down. As the tiny, silver padlocks click shut one after another, their tone serves as a reminder of where his bondage is leading to and the control that I’m about to have over him despite the sweet fact that I’ll soon be very much bound and helpless myself.

A strap across his chest holds him flat in place while a second through the leather collar around his neck is just because he’s mine.

I slide the headset in place over his eyes to mask his vision before I proceed with the final elements of his restraint. Namely, the chest harness whose electrodes are directed squarely at his nipples, and the cock cage which both restricts his own arousal and serves as the primary focal point for the severe tortures that he’s about to endure for me.

Last but not least, my soft, wet panties for between his lips the ultimate sign that I’ve been looking forward to making him my bitch all afternoon once again!

Only after my sweet husband is completely bound and unaware does my bestie step in to help me with my own arrangements…

Cassie’s thumbs feel wonderful on my hardened, pierced nipples, but she’s such a tease as a moment later she’s tightening my own customized chest harness around my breasts that sway heavy over the tight leather waist cincher around my belly.

As she guides me over to my own chair, I hope that the sound of my ankle boots against the tile floor delight my hubby who now patiently waits for his delicious torment to begin.

My own breathing begins to quicken as I lay back in my chair and spread my legs just enough for her to buckle the matching cuffs around both my knees and ankles, cinching them down tight to ensure that this slut keeps her legs open and available for whatever pleasures lie in store for her.

My arms and wrists are bound up next, leaving my exposed breasts feeling all the more vulnerable and naughty as I can feel the rough edges of the leather harness already digging into my tender flesh.

I, too, wear a collar, with mine much more demanding – by design – than the one that hubby has locked around his neck. For in addition to keeping my head perfectly aligned for my oral duties, my special posture collar is also where all of the keys for both of our bondage will hang on a ring at my throat for the duration of our playtime.

It’s almost time to begin when Cassie mischievously slides each of the probes into position.

Two appear in a hole in the middle of the chair – one for my pussy, and another slightly smaller cock for my ass.

A third is pointed directed at my lips … because, well, I really like sucking cock while I’m being fucked!

Next, Cassie turns on the camera rig which will rotate views between his wife’s continuously fucked asshole, pussy, tits, and face directly into the headset placed on hubby’s head.

And if watching me getting fucked wasn’t quite enough, the crème de la crème lies beneath my delicate fingertips in the controls to our special playtime…

For you see, the cocks stimulating me are linked to the electrodes surrounding his own.

Whenever I want it faster, his little dick will find itself assaulted with shocks all the more.

And when I want it harder, his sensations will increase just the same.

To make things even more interesting, while hubby can hear my cries of passion as he watches me through his headset, Cassie places a pair of headphones and a headset on my head which are designed to make me forget that there’s someone else on the other end of those dials and instead focus on things that are just for me!

Visuals of my favorite men who aren’t my hubby to match up with the various cocks inside of me…

Grunting and groaning and sweet, erotic teases pumped into my ears to titillate and arouse my every sense…

As Cassie switches on the controls before handing them over to my delicate touch, the first words in my ears will be the last I hear of hubby until this is through:

“Don’t worry about me, Becca. Your pleasure is what’s important tonight!”

And though I’m sure only a few feet away, he’s already moaning into my wet panties as the tingling begins around his balls and his nipples as I welcome the thick, rubber cocks between my legs and into my waiting lips, it’s all that I can do but to take them to heart as I wince against my own leather bondage as Trevor’s black cock penetrates me while his buddy deep throats my face and a third unknown admirer begins fondling my tits and pulling wonderfully at the rings in my nipples, treating me like the true slut that I love to be.

From the amount of drippage I’ll find in his cage when all of this is through, needless to say hubby enjoys my being a slut, too … even if it is at his expense…


TAGS: bdsm, bondage, chastity, electroplay, femdom, torture

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