Club Mephisto – A Quaint Introduction… (Part 1 of 4)

Elizabeth could already hear the cries and moans of anonymous strangers from the club floor as she sat in one of the private dressing rooms backstage, carefully lacing the classic, dagger-like leather ankle boots onto her latex-clad feet while her husband knelt dutifully beside her, very much already lost in his own character as he awaited his mistress’s final preparations before they could start their regularly scheduled night of carnal pleasure.

The couple came to the club for an escape from their everyday lives.

A chance to live out their naughtiest fantasies.

And what they soon discovered to be the very best sex of their lives.

With Elizabeth naturally gravitating to the dominant role while her husband took the opportunity to embrace his hidden desires to serve earnestly at her feet, it didn’t take long for the allures of BDSM to fully entrance their latest incredibly eager victims. While she became quickly overwhelmed by a new standard of femininity as she was drawn to sexually charged, black leather and latex clothes with the sky high footwear to match, he gave in to all of the tools and torments of the trade that made submitting to his wife a freeing experience despite regularly being bound in heavy chains and leather bondage and treated like he was beneath her in every sense of the imagination…

This story was written for Smutathon 2019 – follow the link above to read the full story.


TAGS: bdsm, femdom, pain play, sex club, smutathon

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