I need to just not be around people for a while.

Give me the soothing isolation of a tight, leather bondage hood to block out all of the negativity and idiocy of the world, blinding out every last one of my senses as its thick padding removes my mind from their rapacious grasp.

Plug my lips with a thick, phallic plug that reduces my utility to something much more basic and carnal than answering phone calls and arguing with colleagues over numbers on a spreadsheet.

Fill my ears with the hypnotic repetition of stiletto heels walking across the tile floor and a riding crop landing on soft, wanton flesh as earbuds trapped underneath tight leather bondage limit my auditory input to only the tantalizing, free of words meant to demoralize and antagonize by awful people who only think about themselves and their own selfish motivations.

Despite being bound from head to toe in tight, unrelenting straps secured even further by a myriad of tiny, meticulously coordinated brass padlocks, I don’t struggle because simply put…

I don’t want to escape.

I just want to stay here for a while, and enjoy my solitude, with a protective shell of uncompromising leather to hide my soul away where the stressors of everyday life can’t find me.

With the worst of humanity hidden from my worldview, albeit even if only temporarily, it’s here nestled within my bondage that I feel free … free of judgment and of responsibility, free of the tedium from existence in a world ever resisting change, free to be myself – in all of its perverted glory – surrounded by something that fills my fantasies with so much joy and pleasure that it’s capable of making life bearable despite the odds.

Each of my own deep breaths echoing within these taut, leather walls reminds me to slow down and take life one step at a time…

Every creak of undeniable restraint, that it’s ok to not be in control…

And the soundtrack of a dominant stranger in my ears sings a song of desire, and discipline, and reverence, and submission that calms my heart and makes my dick twitch against its own prison with each decadent, erotic note.

This is where I belong. Helpless, but for the right reasons. Gagged and blind, but for my own good. Locked away with only the sounds of her heels and my own thoughts to pass the time.

In this BDSM fantasy I don’t even care about cumming.

Right now I just really need the quiet.

"I just need to not be around people for a while."
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