Quiet Time in Latex


“Can you make it a little tighter, baby?” Jennifer begged softly as her husband David cinched the rope attaching her right ankle to its corresponding corner of the bed.

David just smirked as he glanced up at his wife’s smile, then put some extra muscle into the free end of the rope and pulled until the retractable pulley made a few additional clicks, followed shortly thereafter by an appreciative coo as Jen felt her legs pulled apart all the more provocatively while she settled into her bondage.

Spread out wide in a taut, X-shape, the young woman’s body was stretched in all four directions as each of her four limbs found around itself a thick, padded cuff to which the ropes that drew them out towards the heavy posts of the bed were securely tied. Knowing just how much his wife lusted after truly stringent restraints, David didn’t have to be asked as he returned to the other side of the bed and resumed ratcheting those attachment points as well until he feared pulling Jennifer’s arms and legs from their sockets … then recalling just how lovely she looked in a good struggle, gave them each one final click before locking off the tension in each pulley and retreating to the closet for his final preparations…

This story was written exclusively for Gromet’s Plaza and can be found in its entirety here:

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TAGS: bondage, fetish, forced orgasms, latex, playful

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