There are few sensations more exhilarating than the grip of tight leather on goose bump-laden flesh or even the afterthought of ropes biting deep into one’s wrists or ankles.

Whether you desire to be the submissive being bound or the one wielding the ropes, here’s a taste of what you have to look forward to in this erotic sampler focused around the wonders of bondage and its many naughty forms of associated torment…

  • In Enjoying Some Quiet Time with Her Slave, one man’s fetish for leather is thoroughly quenched as his wife binds him from head to toe in layer after layer of tight bondage before clicking the final padlock that will put him at her utter mercy for the remainder of their otherwise quiet, lazy afternoon…
  • Hotel Bound finds a woman succumbing to the will of her master as she escapes to the big city only to tie herself up in waiting for his arrival in an anxious round of self bondage to set the mood for her naughty weekend to come!
  • For Julie’s 30th Birthday Fantasy, watch as one girl prepares for the gift of a lifetime as she dresses herself in pure elegance only to later be placed center court at the bondage club to be taken in every manner imaginable in celebration of a birthday that she’s certain to never forget.
  • And listen in on Becca’s Worshop – Mounted Beginnings as the craftswoman constructs a bondage experience fit for a trophy boyfriend in her own apartment that is sure to grant her the quiet time needed for studying that she desires while also spicing up the ambience around home to boot…

A total of 8 erotic short stories in this sampler feature both male and female bondage, solo and D/s play, and a variety of fetishes to offer a sexy assortment of kink for anyone curious about bondage erotica looking to explore these worlds of soft ropes and tight, leather straps.

Be sure to check out our entire line of KinkyWriter Erotic Samplers for even more samples of everything from bondage and domination erotica to also chastity, cuckolding, fetishes, and even a hint of romantic restraint for the discerning kinkster!

More Books in This Series…

  1. Dark Fantasies
  2. Romantic Restraints
  3. Bound & Tormented
  4. Leather & Lust
  5. Intense Domination
  6. Sweet Submission
  7. Locked & Controlled

TAGS: bondage, femdom, leather fetish, rope bondage, self bondage, sensory deprivation, submission

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