Fuck 2020 – Support Smutathon!

I know that 2020 has been a pretty awful year in essentially every possible way imaginable… 

  • A global pandemic that has taken nearly a million lives in eight months and transformed life for nearly every person on the planet. 
  • Massive fires ravaging the western United States and Australia, leveling entire towns and destroying thousands of homes.
  • The overall collapse of decency and possibly even democracy here in America as racism and bigotry and political fury collide with a pivotal election year.

It’s easy to feel helpless amid all of this chaos, surrounded by one problem after another towering over us that would be hard enough to tackle one at a time, let alone all of them simultaneously … so here’s something really simple and really positive that you can do all by yourself right now:

Donate to Smutathon 2020
in support of Endometriosis UK

2020 will be my second year participating in this very special annual gathering of smutty writers much like myself, joining forces to share as many naughty stories as we can this weekend in an effort to motivate you all to donate to a really great charity that could most certainly use your support!

Over the last three years, Smutathon has raised over $7,000 for women’s health services, abortion support, and to help victims of rape.

In Smutathon’s 4th year, we’ll be supporting Endometriosis UK – a non-profit that provides educational materials and support for people suffering from endometriosis, advocates for improvements with healthcare providers and regulatory agencies, and helps to fund research into better treatments of this debilitating disease.

On Saturday, September 26th – myself and more than a dozen other erotic writers will be cranking out our very best smut spanning everything from BDSM and fetishes (which are my bread and butter) to sexy teases, late night rendezvous, romantic foursomes, and just about every other position that your pervy, little heart could yearn for!

And if all that smut wasn’t enough, there will also be some fantastic prizes available, too! For every £10 (~$12.75 USD) that you donate, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win sex toys, erotic artwork, and even a few autographed print books by yours truly if you haven’t managed to get one yet.

I’ll also be including an extra special incentive for Smutathon readers with the stories that I’ll be posting, so keep an eye out for that! 😉

If there’s one thing I’ve learned just trying to survive the ever-brewing shit storm that is 2020, it’s that you can’t be engaged with all of this craziness 24/7 and be stressed out and pissed off all of the time, and still hope to make a difference.

Not even the most ambitious of fictional sex gods has that kind of stamina!

Just as it’s important to be cognizant of these grand challenges around us as we all collectively figure out how to make it to the other side, it’s also critical that we each take some time every now and then to just let go and try to relax by embracing the things that we loved not so long ago when the world wasn’t literally on fire.

This weekend, myself and the other writers of Smutathon would like to give you that opportunity to sit back and enjoy some fine, artisanal erotica, maybe masturbate or have a little fun with a friend, and then throw a few bucks our way in support of a great cause that probably affects more people in your life than you’re even aware of.

We can’t promise you that all of our world’s problems won’t still be there festering in the background, but maybe – just maybe – we can help your brain to disconnect for a bit and give yourself a chance to recharge so that you can plan your next move in the fight for humanity.

And ideally we’ll also raise a bunch of money for Endometriosis UK to boot.

So what do you say?

Recommended Reading…

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t even know what endometriosis was when I learned that it was our charity this year, however I think we can all agree that “tissue similar to the lining of the uterus growing on the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, and other places where it doesn’t belong” sounds terribly painful.

The fact that 1 in 10 women are affected by endometriosis just shows why this charity so greatly needs our support.

To learn more about this disorder, please check out the following stories that have been shared by Smutathon writers:


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