When Your Fantasies Are About Torture…

My earliest memory of good torture in a BDSM scene was an intense photo/video set featuring a woman being forced to ride a wooden pony.

I mean, I’d seen plenty of rough and extreme scenes before, but this was the first one that I could actually say that I enjoyed because of the brutal consensuality that I saw there on the screen – first as the model had her wrists tied behind her back, then as she was helped up onto the pointed edge of the pony, and finally as her ankles were then pulled out from underneath her one at a time and tied to the bar she was straddling, ultimately resulting in the full weight of her naked body focusing down on her bare pussy…

There were tears – lots of them.

And the dom made an effort to comfort her while still continuing on with the scene. Eventually I think he even added a pair of heavy nipple clamps that elicited even more crying from her as he strung them up in front of her, and yet somehow the intensity was incredibly erotic – for me, anyways – because they had also managed to convey that deep down she wanted to be there, too.

Years later I would stumble across another clip that I loved of a domme whipping her male submissive – again, quite intensely – to the point where his entire back was covered with bloody cuts by the time she was through.

This scene did it for me just the same because every 5 – 10 strikes with the leather whip in her hand, the domme would pause her assault and instruct her submissive to kiss her ass. And as the scene played on, it was clear that he struggled with it more and more as the pain began to dig deeper into his head.

Yet he still puckered up and kissed her beautiful white ass in appreciation each time and then assumed the position once more for her to continue whipping him.

When I write torture scenes myself these days, it’s important to me that I convey this sense of desire to be punished – even if it’s not necessarily in a sadomasochistic sort of way. The submissive doesn’t necessarily have to get off on their own pain and suffering, although that’s perfectly fine if they do! But often times accepting a severe punishment can just as easily be about pleasing their dominant, which I think can make for an even hotter exchange if one is willing to endure something painful just because their Master or Mistress wants them to…

I’ve always looked at BDSM through the lens of “Anything is ok as long as it’s safe, sane, and consensual…” which covers a lot of ground that an outsider might immediately see as dangerous while more experienced kinksters view them as damn exciting! Sure, it’s problematic when both parties aren’t onboard with what’s taking place – the example that immediately comes to mind is a lot of the not so good bondage porn where it’s clear that the submissive is just being tied up for a paycheck and the dominant might not really know what they’re doing as much as they know that “bondage is hot right now,” which can quickly just become a bad experience for everyone involved … including the audience trying to enjoy it.

But when you’ve got two people who are genuinely into their respective roles – a dominant who knows how to push all the right buttons without sending their submissive to the hospital and a sub who either enjoys the pain directly or even is just filled with a motivated desire to please the one delivering their spankings … that can be a powerful scene to watch unfold even when your comfort levels are being challenged by things like tears or blood or the submissive gasping for air because they have a noose tied around their neck.

In my latest story, An Ode to Subspace, there’s a scene where the male submissive imagines a fantasy of being tortured by an unknown redhead who laughs at and taunts him mercilessly as she turns his skin all shades of red with various spanking implements, and through this ordeal we see him working out accepting the pain and what he loves about being a submissive.

It was fun for me in that story to explore the profound and incredible high that people find in subspace which is often provoked by rather intense experiences like sensory deprivation or sexual discipline. Instead of a traditional orgasm from this stimulation that he craves, his reward is much longer-lasting and fitting for the sacrifice he’s willing to make for the dommes that he subjects himself to throughout his fantasies.

When it’s done right, a good torture scene can help to really reinforce the dynamic between the dominant and submissive and serve as a catalyst for the sub learning more about and challenging themselves, all of which adds to the audience’s enjoyment as we watch these extreme scenes unfold that fuel our own hardcore fantasies of being cruelly whipped or helplessly restrained with that special hint of danger that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

The question I have for you is, when you get off watching or reading about a good kinky torture scene, do you cum fantasizing about being the one holding the whip or the one receiving the whip??? 😉


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