Fear is Sexy

It’s that unknown thrill … the click of stiletto heels penetrating through a tight leather hood, or the anticipation of what’s next to come when you’re bound on all fours…

It’s the known thrills, too … with mental reminders of just what your domme is capable of doing, and the words that both arouse and send tingles down your spine at the same time as they slip forth from her forked tongue…

When she purrs, “I can do anything that I want to you…” and deep down you know not only that she can, but also that she will, and your heart is racing and you flinch at even the practice swings, and yet despite all of these thrills toying with your emotions … you’ve never been more aroused, have you???

Whether it’s the more intimidating moniker or simply an edgier term for anticipation, there’s something incredibly sexy about that unpredictable thrill that comes from taking yourself at your most vulnerable and then dancing around it, poking at the soft spots and highlighting each random nuance that drives that helplessness even further. That adrenaline rush has such potential to grow our fantasies in the moment where it seems like things couldn’t get any more intense, and then they do … it’s the fear that amplifies the best and the worst, and plunges us deeper into subspace every time because we just can’t help but beg for more.

In a way it seems kind of funny, fear being one of the things that anyone outside of daredevils actively tries to avoid in his or her life, and yet us kinksters see it simply as another tool for our toy bag to up the odds in the heat of the moment. What if I get caught? What if I can’t reach the keys? Where is he going to touch me next? That unknown is strangely welcome in our little world as it adds another hint of excitement, something more to anticipate amidst everything else that we savor that is all too often looked at by the rest of society as various shades of taboo…

Of course, in reality those of us who follow the principles of Safe, Sane, and Consensual play (which should be all of us!) know deep down that we’re never truly in any danger because above all of the fantasy, we’re looking out for one another’s physical and mental well being regardless of what’s going on around us, and yet the power exchange has a special way of disguising all of that down at the subconscious level so that back on the surface we’re free to indulge in the naughty thrills as if they could truly be taken at face value, despite the fact that they’re really more under control than it might look from the outside.

But that’s really what fantasy is at the end of the day, isn’t it? Something for us to get lost in, someplace where we can pick and choose the most alluring parts of the world around us and put to the side all of the rest for a while. Though some of us may spend more time in that world to varying degrees than others, and certainly to different depths as well, it’s still an escape where we’re free to focus on the things that turn us on … the things that get our blood pumping … that adrenaline rush that comes from when you’re bound to a table in heavy leather with an intoxicating goddess hovering over you who insists that you can take just a little more because she wants you to while you’re powerless to resist, locked forever in your bondage!

Mind you, an hour later she’ll also be giving you a warm blanket and a cup of tea as she gently coaxes you back out of subspace and into reality, but even though most of the fear that we experience in kink is completely manufactured, it’s all still very real there in the heat of the moment as it adds yet another layer to the thrills that we experience as we do these kinky things that we do…

  • Can I really take another 20 strikes with her new cane?
  • Is he actually coming back or will he leave me here bound all night??
  • What if she decides that she really does like his cock more than mine while I’m locked up in chastity???

Sure is going to be fun finding out, isn’t it?! 😉



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