A sexy collection of bondage, femdom, and other naughty vignettes…

Sometimes it admittedly doesn’t take much to get the juices flowing of your friendly, neighborhood kinkster, and in this collection of sexy vignettes covering fetishes ranging from corsets and leather to chastity, bondage, and so much more, we skip the introductions and cut straight to the chase with more erotic adventures than ever before…

  • Look on as a damsel succumbs to the very core of helplessness in Willing Captive
  • Feel the laces tighten as a young submissive man is committed to the same fetishized fate as his mistress in Corset Boy
  • Ride the line as a woman’s desire to give up control puts her in a particularly vulnerable situation in Role Playing
  • Set sail with two kinky couples who have a week of chastity and servitude planned for their subby hubbies in Cruise Control
  • Take wonder in the transformation that introduces a housewife to her man’s greatest fantasy in Sexy Leather Tease
  • Explore a different kind of fetish shop that offers a unique, hands-on experience to its valued customers in A New Twist on Fetish Shopping
  • See a kinky professional put her credentials to new use as she turns a prostate exam into a sexy afternoon in Playing Nurse
  • Follow along as a young woman takes her initial delve into male chastity and finds a whole new world to explore in First Time in Chastity
  • Brace yourself as a sadistic sister takes advantage of her brother-in-law’s submissive streak in Bitch Friend
  • And buckle up for the mystery job of a lifetime laced in latex as a trio of girls find themselves competing for the top in The Color Purple

An astounding 25 sexy vignettes in all make Fantasies in Fetish one of KinkyWriter.com’s longest and most expansive collections of erotic tales to date!

"It's not really female domination if your dick is the one calling the shots."
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TAGS: bdsm, bondage, chastity, corsets, domination, fetish, leather fetish, roleplaying

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