In Need of Discipline

“Would you please just cool it?  We haven’t hung out with Michelle and Michael in a really long time, so it won’t kill you to stay for just a couple hours…”

It was one of those days where I simply didn’t want to leave the house because I had so much to do, and yet there we were, on our way to visit some old friends anyways.  I had asked that we try to cancel or reschedule, but my wife Jen said that it wasn’t an option because we’d only be there a few hours and thus, I was overruled.

“Just go play video games or something with Michael,” she scowled as we pulled into the couple’s driveway.  I grumbled on our way to the front door, stopping just shy of Michelle, who had been waiting excitedly on the front porch and jumped up to hug Jen as we approached.

Michael’s wife was one of the friendliest people we’d ever met, and it was hard not to notice that she was also quite beautiful, too.  We’d watched many a jaw drop when the four of us would get all dressed up and go out to a fancy restaurant or a show, but even on a casual day like today she still looked several notches above what most would normally consider just laying around the house attire.  She wore a simple, black and white sundress that hugged the curves of her small frame nicely, along with a moderate pair of high-heeled sandals that showed off her toes that she had painted to compliment the dress.  Her long, dirty blond hair had been pulled up off her shoulders in a loose bun, and the sun seemed to sparkle off of her warm and inviting complexion.

“I’m so happy you could make it – let’s go inside, you guys!” she prompted, opening the front door and leading us into their home.

As we entered, Michelle pulled Jen aside and the two of them whispered for a moment while I peeked into the living room in search of Michael, however he was nowhere in sight.  The two talked amongst themselves for a minute longer, then Michelle walked over in my direction and said, “Jen, why don’t you go into the kitchen and make us a couple of drinks.  I’ll show Jimmy where Michael is hiding and be up in a few minutes.”  With that, Jen smirked at me and wandered into the other room as Michelle pointed down the stairs to their basement and said, “This way…”

I followed Michelle downstairs and through their basement, trying not to get caught admiring the view along the way when we came to a closed door at the end of the hallway that I’d never seen in previous visits before.  Michelle turned to me and winked slyly, then removed what I recognized as a key from the necklace around her neck and used it to unlock the door.  As she opened the door and ushered me inside, needless to say I was a little surprised on what I saw…

The room was rather large and had two queen-size beds on opposite walls, but that’s about where the similarities to your normal, everyday bedroom ended.  On the walls hung a variety of bondage equipment, from leather straps and chains to whips, canes, and other spanking implements.  Each bed was covered in shiny, black leather sheets and featured a strong, iron frame which appeared to be quite useful for securing someone to … and I can say that because restrained very tightly to one of the beds was Michelle’s husband, Michael – naked as can be, except for the leather straps that held him down, the leather blindfold that blocked his vision, and some sort of chastity device around his genitals.

Biting my lip, I looked over to Michelle and asked quietly, “So I don’t suppose Michael can come out and play?”

“No…” she giggled sweetly.  “Michael wasn’t a very good boy earlier today, so he’s being punished right now.  In fact, Jen said that you weren’t being a very good boy today, either, so we decided that you’re going to join him.  Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way?”

Michelle glared at me sternly as she staged her question and it was clear that Jen had used the few minutes they were whispering to tell her of the grief I had been giving her about coming over.  The truth was, Jen and I have played in a kinky sort of way with Michelle and Michael on many an occasion, so in looking around at the various pain implements that she had gathered, I had a pretty good idea of the kind of damage that she was capable of inflicting and decided that it probably wouldn’t be best to push her if she was already angry…

“The easy way,” I replied sheepishly, my eyes quickly darting from hers to the floor.

“Ok, then take off your clothes,” she said.  “And hurry – I don’t want to keep Jen waiting.”

I quickly stripped off my shorts, t-shirt, and finally boxers, leaving me just as Michael was dressed, wearing only a chastity device around my cock and balls as well.  This caused a chuckle out of Michelle as she reached down to play with the lock, laughing, “It’s good to see that she took my recommendation and got you under lock and key where you belong!  How does it feel?”

“Kind of tight,” I gasped, feeling slightly intimidated as Michelle came close to me.

“Good – just as it should,” she replied curtly.  “Now sit down on the bed!”

I walked over to the bed opposite Michael’s and sat down on the edge, after which Michelle retrieved a large mess of leather straps from the dresser and untangled them in front of me.  I eventually recognized the mass as a heavy duty muzzle harness as she began to wrap the straps around my head, however before she tightened them she abruptly stopped and began wagging her finger at me seductively.

“Wait a minute,” she jeered.  “I can’t put this on until you’re gagged, now can I?”  She shook her head at me as she thought for a moment, then her eyes lit up with an idea.  Winking at me, Michelle did a little dance as she reached up underneath her dress and dropped her black, satin panties down to her ankles, then picked them up and twirled them for a moment on her finger in front of my face, smiling sweetly the entire time.

Smelling a distinct, but certainly not unpleasant aroma, my eyes darted over in Michael’s bound direction, as if to ask of his opinion, to which Michelle shook her head and laughed, “Oh, he doesn’t mind!”  As she balled her underwear up and placed them in my mouth, she leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Actually, I think he kind of enjoys it!”

I blushed slightly as Michelle returned to tightening the straps of the harness around my head until they very firmly held the thick, leather muzzle tight against my lips.  Michelle stepped in even closer and looked me square in the eye as she took a firm hold and checked the straps before finally saying, “Perfect – nice and secure.  Now lay down for me so we can finish this.”

As I moved over and stretched myself out on the cool, leather sheets, I took notice to the fact that Michelle had already attached the cuffs to the bed – all that had been missing was a victim, which ended up being me…not that I wasn’t necessarily enjoying the situation at that point!  The bondage itself was very simple, but effective – two leather straps had been drawn horizontally across the bed, one at ankle level and one at wrist level, with the wrists being down by the waist instead the traditional overhead that I was used to for this position.  Michelle made haste to lock each of these cuffs around the appropriate limb, and then also surprised me when she restricted my movement even further by running a leather strap from my head harness to the top of the bed frame to prevent my head from moving back and forth.

Satisfied with her efforts, Michelle ran her fingernails up and down my naked body as she examined her work, chuckling, “This is what happens if you boys don’t learn to obey…”  As her nails circled over one of my highly sensitive nipples, I let out a small gasp that was nearly muted behind the blonde’s gag, but somehow she heard it nonetheless and a wicked smile soon crossed her face.

Pulling the black scrunchie from her bun, her blonde hair fell softly over her shoulders as she reached back and slipped the elastic hair-tie around my genitals, snapping it snugly in one fair swoop.  Michelle then climbed up on the bed and swung her leg over mine so she was straddling my bound body, her eyes scanning hungrily over her new victim like a black widow analyzing her prey.  Her entire face lit up with excitement as her eyes returned to my erect, pink nipples … she leaned in closer to pinch both of them together at the same time between her freshly manicured nails, resulting in a longer moan as she scissored her white tips back and forth sharply.  “I forgot how much you liked that…” she giggled tauntingly, bringing her shiny, red lips within an inch of the strict, black leather of the muzzle as all I could do was look into her eyes in agony.  Michelle’s giggles turned deeper and deeper as she continued twisting and tormenting my sensitive buds, occasionally digging her nails in hard once again to prompt another desperate cry that only seemed to drive her to push even harder.

“Mmmmm – keep it up, baby,” she whispered.  “Your pain makes me so…”  Michelle lifted up and adjusted the position of her body, coming back down so that her crotch rested firmly against my chastity lock.  “…wet!” she moaned  as she began grinding herself intently into my shielded cock, her whole body shivering each time the padlock securing my chastity belt brushed up against her clit.

Michelle’s slender body was now situated squarely over my own, her dress hiked up so that her shaven pussy rubbed directly up against my plastic-encased member, her blonde hair bouncing lightly at her shoulders as she began to grind against me rather aggressively.  She began to laugh to herself, teasing, “That’s right – you can’t feel any of that! You’re here for my pleasure and my pleasure alone…”  She then closed her eyes and began to moan rhythmically, continuing to pinch my nipples as well and occasionally commanding, “Let me hear you, slave!  If this doesn’t hurt enough, I can go get something to make them throb even more…”

My nipples definitely hurt plenty as Michelle pierced them tight with the tips of her nails to the point where I imagined them bleeding.  Eventually her breathing quickened to the point where I knew she was right on the cusp of orgasm, finally letting out one gigantic moan as she straightened her back and sat up, attempting to take my nipples still tight in her grasp with her!  She sat there for a moment and sighed happily as her body rippled, then came back down and laid next to me, her body still draped over mine.

“Whew!” she exclaimed, blowing her bangs out of her face.  “That was fun! I hope you had as much fun as I did,” she laughed, reaching down to cup my balls in her hand gently.  Michelle laid there caressing my naked body much more gently than before, until finally sitting up and announcing, “Well, now that that’s out of the way … I’m going to go upstairs and catch up with your wife!  I’ll leave you down here with Michael to cool off for a while…”

Michelle stood up and walked over to the dresser, then returned with something jingling in her hands that I couldn’t quite see.  She quickly walked around the bed, explaining, “Now these are so you don’t go anywhere while I’m gone…” as she clicked what I later recognized as tiny locks onto each of the leather straps and eventually also the head harness as well, thus making their removal all the more impossible without the key that I presumed hung around her neck.  “And this…” she prompted, holding a black, leather blindfold similar to the one that her husband was wearing up to my face, “is so that while you lay here waiting, you have nothing to do but think of me.” The last thing I saw was Michelle sticking her tongue out playfully through her gigantic, beaming smile before she pulled the leather down over my eyes, then locked it firmly to the harness with even more padlocks.

She shuffled around the room for a minute more, and then just before leaving the room, I felt her lean down towards my head one last time and whisper into my ear, “That really was a great cum – I might have to bring Jen down here and let her ride Michael later just so that I can have another one before you leave…”

With that, her lips kissed me gently on the side of the head before she stood up, walked to the door, and closed it behind her.  Listening intently, I heard her necklace jingle once again as she removed the key to lock the door behind her, leaving her and Jen to chat the afternoon away in peace as their love slaves laid bound downstairs awaiting their return.


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